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Chi Rescue

Adopting Widget, our long-coated Chihuahua foundling, in Tucson, led me to supporting Chihuahua rescue. Initially, I found a local animal rescue organization in Arizona that I felt heart-compelled to support: AZ Chihuahua Rescue. 

Upon moving to Missouri in 2015, I began looking for a rescue group that would be, again, local. For a while, I considered getting involved with Greyhound rescue as I had done that in the past; however, due to that breed's size, I felt like I wouldn't be able to get involved hands-on as much as I might want to. 

Then I came across Chihuahua Rescue & Transport which provides rescue in many areas, including the Midwest Region. After due diligence, it appears that this might be a great group to work with! The dogs are small and, since I like driving and road-trips, I might be able to offer my services in the area of transporting Chihuahuas in need. This could be a good fit!

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