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Friday, April 29, 2011

Honey, I Love You

As soon as you apply yourself to contemplation, you will at once feel your senses gather themselves together: they seem like bees which return to the hive and there shut themselves up to work at the making of honey. 
  – Saint Teresa of Avila

The Forsythia's delicate blooms and brittle branches reach out cheerfully to me in the distance in spite of the still-cold nights; they are the earliest to show their colors on our property while other plants are barely budding and grass is sparse.

Drinking Honeybush teasan, its subtle flavor teasing me, I savor the sunshine and the songs of the birds.

As in the quote, full attention brings the sweetness of nourishing soul-honey.

Thursday, April 28, 2011


"Ultimately, spirituality is a mode of being in which not only the divine and the human commune with each other but through which we discover ourselves in the universe and the universe discovers itself in us." 
~ Thomas Berry, The Sacred Universe

Rainy morning, green grass beginning to reveal itself once more as the soil moistens, warms, and wakes up like I do when splashing water upon my face. The past few nights, when I go out with the dogs before bed, the night-hoises are so loud and enchanting. The silence of slumber in winter is being replaced by insects and peepers and the rustles of beings in brush free from their snow-forts of hibernation. I see--really see--the beauty and wonder of the woods, the glorious guardian pines I treasure towering over all other plants and over me and my family. We have lived for ten ears within their embrace and I have felt so safe and nourished, now fully recovered from past traumas and challenges; they have kept me swaddled in a loving blanket of multi-colored rough-bark threads, each one feeding and weaving my heart whole. I breathe in their scent and hold it within briefly, acknowledging their gift. A bit of sadness creeps upon me with the knowing of our this-year-sometime departure, yet not separation for I am ever with them and they with me in Spirit and imagination. I can close my eyes and feel them and will carry this with me ... their presence, protection and peaceful power. I am eager for change of locale--of energy flow--to experience Gaia in a new way and She me. I've been with Her before in the desert but so long ago and was not then in a state of mind and heart to fully bring Her into Self. I can gaze at photos and sense Her wonders but to feel Her under my feet once more will be an incomparable gift for which I am so thankful. I am not seeking fulfillment in Her, in the change of Her face, but rather pure pleasure and growth and discovery. To open to Her changing face and touch Her rough dry skin, She is Crone, Queen, Grandmother who helps us see beyond the surface. She is teacher and I am student, delving within to recover what I once knew but that has been hidden until now. What wonders of knowing await? If I couldn't travel to Her other visage, I would still learn Her landscape of lessons and grow, finding and opening to the opportunities in abundance every moment. I had not even contemplated being able to return to Her other face, Her mysteries of life in the West and Southwest. I had thought that I would only be able to dream of Her or visit Her in Her dusty robes and gnarled hands wise beyond words and subtle surprises of bright color ... to merely dip into Her briefly as circumstances allowed. To now be on a journey back to where I first remembered Her sacredness is a gift beyond measure. A blessing of discovery in each other.

Monday, April 25, 2011

A Sense of Wonder

For those of you who have yet to see "A Sense of Wonder," the 2010 docudrama based upon Rachel Carson (author of "Silent Spring"), I encourage you to find a way to view this lovely film.

Somehow, I missed its release last year, but was grateful that my husband came across and recorded it for me to watch yesterday. The poignant, one-woman play, written and performed by Kaiulani Lee, was captured beautifully in the simple film; most of the dialogue is from Rachel Carson's writings and the actress delivers each word with heart-felt sincerity.

"Those who dwell, 
as scientists or laymen, 
among the beauties and mysteries of the earth 
are never alone or weary of life."

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Journey of Soul Inquiry

First, a heartfelt thank you to everyone who traveled with me on this Journey of Soul Inquiry. Your thoughtful comments, insights, and beautiful encouragement were truly a blessing.

I am pleased to announce that the entire 120 passages are now available either for free as a download, or to purchase as a printed book.

I trust that the messages and the impressions they create will touch you as they have me, bringing inspiration and insight, joy and healing reflection. May they open you, and those with whom you share them, to explore new ways of being and doing in the world, whether through your own process, or through the passages that were revealed to me.

Bright Blessings!

Friday, April 22, 2011


A few years ago, Yarrow seemed to be reaching out to me, asking me to include her in the sunshine flower bed. I accepted her invitation and selected four varieties. I was fascinated by them -- their strength and subtlety, the smallness of the flowers belying their sturdiness, and I loved how they created a delightful canopy of blooms atop the tall stem.

With all the issues recently relating to environmental stress and potential radiation increases, I turned to Gaia and Her flowers. Within the world of vibration and energy, the flowers sing of harmony and healing, flooding our being with joy. And Flower Essences are able to share these blessings from blooms across the country or around the world.

There are many vibrational remedies and essences that will help to alleviate the imbalances created within our systems by an overload of radiation and/or environmental toxins. Which one(s) I use and what approach I take with myself, the animals or clients, depends upon where my inner guide is leading me in each individual situation.

Because I was once again feeling a strong call by Yarrow, I sought out options for this particular Flower Essence. Recalling that FES had created a blend, although I hadn't explored very many of their essences (there are many flower essence lines available!), I bought a bottle of Yarrow Environmental Essence ("YES") and waited eagerly for its arrival.

YES is a fabulous formula! With the first four drops, I felt it moving through my system smoothly and powerfully; and I loved the odd taste which confirmed that I needed the cleansing, self-healing energy shared by the flowers, plants and crystalline structures within this blend. The sensation reminded me of how, when the Yarrow in my flower bed blooms, I immediately feel like a breath of fresh air has moved through me like Mother Nature's broom! I will continue dosing for a week or so, or until I sense that the clearing I needed can continue on its own without the subtle catalyst shared by the flowers.

Just say YES!

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Flower of Prayer
Fragile shell so temporary housing this Spirit, so many gifts like all the other beings yet unique each of us. Needing shelter from heat and cold, creativity of La Chispa and Knowledge combine to discover answers to survival having long ago left behind how to simply Be in the world comfortable entirely with skin born within. The great sentinel pine grows and stands tall, surviving from sapling the harsh snows and frigid temperatures and blazing sun in drought. The majestic saguaro with its cautious growth and precious arms that it spreads only when mature and finally secure in its place in the world. The wildflower that some call weed who springs up fresh and bright each time, living fully for its moments int he mildness then to release itself, scattering remnants and bits that are whole yet tiny, strong yet carried away on the merest breeze or the most miniscule beak of a bird that sees in the distance a field of clover or a stand of trees beckoning a journey. This fragile thing I wear, so precious, so needy and delicate, grateful for thoughts and inspiration that provide for its existence here and now to experience the world of form. Mountains calling, a crooked tree the invitation of a hand that blends into Her surroundings only visible if we open to seeing. She waves a little, smiling. Her creatures tend to their business oblivious to my gaze of awe.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Resting as One

I rest in Her and She in me.

Perfection is this last image waiting patiently as the final card in my Journey of Soul Inquiry.
For as I traveled, the One constant I knew was always a fresh connection with Her ... Earth Mother, She Who Birthed the Universe.
Gaia has been within always, yet allowing Her to flow through my writing without restrictive thought or mental construct has been a beautiful and empowering experience.
She has brought me home in ways I never imagined before and opened my eyes to vistas of Her glory merely glimpsed in the past.
I feel Her deeply, ever more deeply.
We are One in our energy as well as belief for this journey has opened my heart and soul to our inseparability of Earth and Divine--they are the same.

See how She shimmers within forest and field, how Her essence glimmers through the flowers she yields.
Many and varied are Her gifts through the land yet none are more precious than the touch of Her hand upon mine when we walk and Her voice in my ear when She sweetly talks through the wind and the wingeds with their songs that are heard for miles upon seconds that soar and carry our love to all who may yearn for more. 
Once in fear of the darkness unfolding yet now Her hand is the breath I am holding while hugging a tree and basking in sun or hearing the sea upon sands ... all are One.

I never imagined that I would feel Her presence to such a degree that now I could no more be alone than to be without form embracing our journey together in the material world of experience learning and laughing and loving.
Truly remarkable the path I have penned with these images as portals.
The cards had been here for years, they had called to me at different points when one would resonate but this was unlike all those moments before.
Gaia reached out, touched my heart with a light of such creative clarity that I did not question the beacon.
I heard Her voice and I simply responded, opening to Her guidance and whispers and love.
I offered myself as channel in these moments and felt tremendous peace or insight or remembrance.
There have been moments when the words that flowed were familiar ... and others when I finished writing surprised to see what symbols had been created that manifested as words reflecting images from an image.
Contemplative writing as process, guided by her infinite wisdom like a bud knowing which elements to draw within its roots in order to flower fully.
I am ever so humbled and grateful.

A journey written to explore, and to share in communion with those who already know Gaia in all Her sacred stillness and wild wonder, and perhaps to reach out to those who have not felt Her as Nature, who have not realized Her within Self in heartbeat and cells, who have not known the Divine in all aspects of life and form and function, flora and fauna. She is the mundane and the magical.
We are One.

Friday, April 15, 2011

I'm Just an Old Chunk of Coal

Coal becomes diamond and reflects the light, enhancing, brightening.
Transformation of life and Self, I open to the wisdom that is abundant to a heart receptive.
See the beauty in the coal, cloaked and humble, taking its time in transformation as the world speeds by.
Sit in mind's eye--center.
Here a focus of light, a laser directed through multi-faceted experiences and planes of existence too numerous to name yet present and filled with purpose.
She brings me diamonds to sparkle and coal to warm the sparks asleep within, deep in the bowels of Self and earth, waiting, building, nourishing.
Rocks of Ages.
Solitaire of Oneness that fills our field with Light.
Accepting, I welcome Her.

Remarkable gifts that we harvest yet do not see or honor...
Thank you, Gaia, for within each part is the whole of you and us and all life.
In the plainest soul lies the deepest secrets of a knowing born out of simplicity.
For two are One, the duality an illusion.
Coal is diamond and the non-sparkles are dull yet remove and release the toxins by absorbing them and transforming them rather than repelling.
The prisms of diamonds reflect in blue ice of magnificence bringing their unique gifts of transformation and clarity.
One is not more important or of more value than the other for they are One born of Her wisdom that we see when we open.
The beauty of the coal in Her obsidian skin that draws in the light to heal Her Self.
The beauty of the diamond in Her stardust mirrors that send the light to heal Her world.
Glimpse the wisdom in Her duality and go beyond the comparative illusory realm of dark and light, black and white, to see the future of our sacredness in all facets of life as One.

Blessed image as this particular journey slows.
A truthful reminder of all I have gleaned along the way through Her portals, each pebble and twig hold a message if I have ears to hear and eyes to see and bare an open heart.
A life of temptation to be ever-drawn to the spectacular, the grand, the twinkling effervescence of the false light of ego-attachments that are fine so long as I honor the True Light and embrace Her cave, the sleep, the darkness, the womb of simple solitude and its gifts of renewal that may come at a slower pace yet are not lost in the evanescence of illusion.
So eager to see the next moment sometimes, to find the excitement, when the peace of the present moment is here and now and is ultimately Her greatest gift.
"I'm just an old chunk of coal, but I'm gonna be a diamond some day..." can be deceiving--gaze deeper and honor the coal for the energy and unique cleansing it provides, for only then will the diamond form naturally flaws and all. 
Honor the common elements of our amazing, gorgeous universe for Her diamond is always here, there, waiting to shine once we embrace the coal.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Star is Born

A star glows with the light of all souls who travel and wander, seeking, living the experience of birth and death.
We are the light reflected, the stars that shine in the night, and She is the star within, the spark of eternal love.
Within our reach is everything for She withholds nothing.
Only our own constructed limitations hold us back from a journey of peace ... compassion guides our way and protects us from ourselves.
We form the stars with each pause and purpose in life; with each compassionate breath we take and give to another a star is born.
From within and without, She joins with us in singing the world into Being--our consciousness rises as One light and bursts into joyous fireworks spreading out across the universe.
Each precious bit of soil, each microbe, each crystalline structure is a star in its world, sharing and transforming and allowing energy to flow in a light beyond limitations.
Lights of a city, how bright and enticing, yet limit our vision of the universe and Her stars that are seen across the galaxy.
How do we see within and beyond the bright, busy lives we lead to know Her light in the world around us and inside of us?
How shall we grow the stars within to be alight unto our world ... to shine upon the path before us, illuminating our own journey and allowing others to glimmer as well?
A soul reaches out, fingertips extended, connecting the light as it flows and expands from one to another. 
Beautiful to feel the light from within and how we open ... let it out to shine!
The light of our elemental world is not to be kept hidden for without the oxygen of life it will flicker and disappear.
An awareness comes within a star's vessel, a knowing that through communion--with the Divine, with all beings and life in every form, with the Divine in others--is light.
A star is born in communion.

"The Universe is a communion of subjects, not a collection of objects."

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Perfect Union

Joined as One across the cosmos, we are unique yet provide the perfect match for each other, each bringing gifts to share and, when we touch, a glow begins that spreads into the field of all knowing. 
Our energies spinning in our spiral dance. 
Marriage of Universe.
Creation and Balance.
Emotion and Thought.

An extraordinary feeling as Her sea sweeps through me and fills my pores and pours out in swirls into a world wherein we all take our chance in the dance of life.
Combining mine with yours as we fly to the sky or dive to the depths!
We evaporate and float up into the ether where we change and then fall to the ground over and over in cascades of increasing clarity as our cycles of life continue.
See the beauty in Her waves and rain and streams and lakes and know Her comfort when our mouths are dry and our skin is parched and we start to cry tears of salt that cannot fall and She is here to refresh with Her Love. 
Droplets one at a time upon my tongue quench my thirst in exquisite moments as each permeates, spreading--knowing the gift of a single drop. One at a time, they keep me going during the drought and then the rains come in monsoon and gales rush over my flaky outer layer like the hard sands of the sun-cracked desert, wanting to drink but to much too soon only washes away somewhere else before I can grasp the realization that what I need is here right Now.
All I need is here and now.
The future can seem exciting and inviting and when it comes then I will enjoy its blessings, but what if it doesn't?
Enjoy NOW.
Easy to get so caught up in what might be that I miss what is happening NOW--glorious, wonderful, each droplet a blessing neither yearning for past or craving future but relishing the present. 
Huge lessons and tiny ones.
Be Present. Connect. Join. Merge. Communion. Community. Union. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Leap of Faith

A leap of faith takes me beyond my little world of ego and control into the sparkling atmosphere of lightening flashes that create harmonies to support and inspire.
I feel light and dance upon the clouds with their puffy white buoyancy beneath feet once firmly planted merely in what could be conformed to safety of heart.
An illusion of safety because without faith the heart is a caged bird fluttering against the bars in endless repetition but never growing or learning to fly.
When Her Light fills me, I leap!
Or do I leap and then Her Light glows from within?!
The moment of leaping is a mysterious transformation that has no beginning or ending for it is part of the journey I choose.
Leap of faith ... am I gazing forward, looking backward, closing my eyes or keeping my vision clear in that moment?
Is it faith when I leap in fear? Yes...leaping without knowing is true faith, is it not?
And then stretching before me is infinite possibilities.
Playing it safe instead of leaping in faith doesn't mean there won't be any challenges.
Safety is an illusion we create that can become a whirlpool in which we drown...it can be the quicksand into which we slowly sink. 
So why not leap?
Follow heart, listen to intuition, use mind, and create a new world of peace and of compassion.
Holding hands, we do not have to feel like we are stepping off a cliff all alone.
Reach out to Her and She will grasp our hands in love and we leap together!

Imagery fills my mind with all kinds of scenarios--they are infinite in manifestation.
Circumstances may appear static but our mental, emotional or spiritual approach can be vast in opportunity and once we become aware of this, even the physical opens to previously unforeseen paths.
Each step creates a print ... a pattern ... an opening into The Now through which anything becomes possible; when not attached to a want or desire, we can evolve, grow beyond our previous vision.

I leap and then find myself trying to go back, grasping for the familiar but it is already gone--it is the past.
This is when I may close my eyes in terror but then feel Her hand touch mine. She is always within and available and all I have to do is allow Her to move in me and She will bring peace colored with courage and confidence and faith.

Sometimes I leap and the fog is so thick that I cannot see my own arm let alone the air into which I place my foot and I know the fall may belong or short with a landing that could be hard or soft but still I leap because I also trust that bridges may manifest from the gleaming colors of her cloak spread out before me to become a magic carpet ride upon the back of an eagle or a safety net woven from the threads of my ancestors' spirits into which I land without injury. 
Leap. Trust that the experience is necessary and beautiful and filled with bliss ... ultimately.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Blossoms, Not Burdens

She bears the lotus of love and peace upon her head like native women carry their baskets of nourishing grains.
She is a vision of Light within all that I am and can become.
No burdens do I carry when She is here for choice delights the soul and slows the pace into a dance along the path.
Light emerges wherever She walks and I smile to feel Her footsteps alongside mine...gentle, graceful.
We move through this dream in harmony, our hearts beat as one and flowers spring from the prints of our feet.
Within Her I am whole and beauty is everywhere I look knowing all that happens is nourishing growth even in the midst of loss or pain. 
When I open to Her ever-present Spirit, only bliss can bloom in my heart crowding out the thorns I resist that then prick.
A gray morning is diffusing Her Light into a gentle veil of wonder and softening the view of what is so that I drink Her slowly in, savoring, sip by sip, feeling Her permeate my being like subtle rose tea blessed moment by moment.
The swish of movement out in the world rushes through Her puddle-prints and I relish the vibration of Her presence within them. Easy, soft sounds surround and muffle the speeding machines upon flat hard surfaces.
Within Her, I drift and settle and dance the Light alive within Self.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Dust in the Wind

Two crystal clear visions emerged from the same image...

A continuation of one portion of yesterday's contemplation, I see red sands, red dust, dust in the wind *--emotions of the past that serve no purpose in the present are become dust...dust in the wind...


Upon the wind are carried the voices of those who are unable to speak for themselves. Waiting for healing, for permission, for a sign, we are their voices. Wise women, healers, seekers, old or young, fat or thin, we are the voices for those whose lips are sealed and whose voices are silent or becoming the whispers that might blossom if they hear another's voice raised in confident expression. We are the winds of change, each of us...

What is your vision? Where does the SoulCard portal take you?

*The instant the phrase "dust in the wind" came to mind, I was carried into the song by that name performed by Kansas...a beautiful, peaceful song depicting for me the eternal gifts of Gaia balanced by a loving detachment from the objects and beliefs that we think are so important yet only take us away from the perfection of each moment.

Saturday, April 9, 2011


Pause in the emergent moment and consider the actions so that they are not RE-actions but conscious response.
Each experience is an opportunity to witness Self and others, to grow through challenges joyful and painful, to walk or stand.
Once settled in Self there is no thought requiring this pause because each action flows beautifully and naturally from Being...being One with all of life in The Now.
A deep knowing comes through that is beneath and beyond our thinking minds. 
Look around.
See the wisdom of Gaia flowing through all life...through and within we humans as well when we get out of our own way, using our minds consciously for manifesting but coming from the space of stillness and presence not from the egoic thinking mind. Use the mind, do not let it use us.
It is the origination point here...to know in an awareness that is centered in Gaia--the Infinite--Source.
Imagine a voice, Her voice, speaking through each of our individual lives, a reminder to "stop" and allow Her to flow through our every cell and tissue and very existence on all planes.
Emotions rise and I see how rooted some of them are in the past, not the present. They are tangled in the perceived complexity of past situations that no longer exist or apply, the tendrils sharp but dry and brittle so that all I have to do is crumble them with firm hands--rub them between my palms until they are dust and soft and fall away into soil and wind to become part of a new life. No longer having the rigid residue of the past, the emotions spring up fresh and can be seen in the purity of the now. Clean. Crisp. And flexible! Malleable emotions felt and released!
It may require a reminder to "stop"...to pause and reflect.
Take a moment--a breath.
Feel the experience of NOW fully without the tendrils of the past.
Screaming, yelling, calling out as loudly as possible...is that sometimes what we have to do to bring awareness of Self and others into the present moment? Maybe; each path is unique. To release through sound the anger, fear, pain or frustration (often residing partially if not fully in the past voice that never spoke)--let it all out through clarifying and healing methods that do no harm to self or others.
Residual emotions can come up again and again!
All that was gone was only buried and can come rising up like bile that has tainted one step in a journey on the path of the present. Yellow and bitter and burning, the emotion-of-past had no place but still tried to cling to the back of the throat like an old, poisoned tree-frog no longer verdant and beneficial but yellow-mottled and rotten-smelling. 
Quick! Put in a tube and allow the bile to drain away into the ground to be cleansed and to be dissipated by clear rains and sun swept skies to reveal once more the peaceful sticky-toed tree-frog that emerges and brings peaceful presence and allow *that* to stick.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Swirls and Twirls

See the future as She swirls and twirls in Her skirts of bliss and being, pain and joy, widening the spiral as She dances. Arms spread...am I ready to fly or am I bracing myself?
Allowing for the possibilities, I wonder and wander to and fro among the paths of Her gardens. A flower catches my eye with its bright orange splendor only to spread wings and fly away a butterfly sharing her gift of transformative passion.
The sun rises in bits of awakening as we all stir and rise ourselves to this moment of yesterday's future and tomorrow's past and I wonder...
Staring into the present I watch in fascination at busy lives of people around me and the contented lives of those creatures called "Guardians of Being" while we all just breathe and move and take part in chosen lives.
A broad canvas waits to be painted with turmeric and beets; bright yellow and deep red stain the blankness spread before my fingers as creation emerges and a pine bough lends her feathery touch to gently spread life in aromatic sweeps that connect edges where boundaries once were but disappear now in acceptance and peace.
The tiny flowers poke their faces out between prickles of life situations yet the beauty of cactus is as amazing as the cosmos blooms wildly waving in the breeze thousands of miles away but woven together as we travel our paths.
Gazing into future like the carnival gypsy with her crystal ball who only speaks what she sees and we are the ones to open in infinite variety like the rainforest's secret remedies resplendent. 
All our elements co-mingle and we reach out or draw within based upon how much we have grown and what kernels of wisdom we have harvested walking the corn fields of life.
Infinite variety and choices galore can cloud our minds or clear them as a brisk breeze sweeping away debris to see the colorful pattern of carefully laid bricks with accidental accents gleaming brightly here and there...

A meandering non-pattern of words and images that stream endlessly from a soul unencumbered in this solitary moment that is only open and welcoming to sound and picture and life surrounding the space of stillness. Nonsense words to some yet they awaken the no-sense of the non-physical that is subtle energy flowing without direction to create swirls and twirls of ink upon a page previously blank yet now a flow of characters that are read by those who know the language but merely graceful curves to one who has not learned this particular expression of being in world past, present, future yet once they learn then all is clear and remains lovely yet enhanced with meaning...connection and sharing and possibility.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Child of Light

Welcome the Child of Light imbuing my Soul with joy and innocence and play! Play every day--imagine, create, skip, and sing, build houses for the wee people in the forests and deserts, invite our eyes to see beyond the mundane to the magical. Realms of laughter bubbling out of springs and rolling with delight in fields of golden grasses burnished by sunlight fingers dancing. 
Dreams that come true every second and love that expands and carries us "up, up and away in our beautiful balloon" of colors and sparkles where we see all life as precious and wondrous. Marvel at the minute roly-polies tucking themselves into balls like tiny beads of beingness unremarkable yet duplicated nowhere else and mystic in their ability to transform and survive.
Snow melts and seeps into thirsty ground teeming with expression where Robins hop and peck, and fragile green tips glance upward to gauge the angle of sun and warmth of beaming light, playing the ancient game of hide-n-seek.
Bringing wonder into my heart, I embrace my Child of Light, and fling my arms wide open to allow fertility and rebirth to flow into every aspect of being and living.
See the smiles on faces and feel the love in companionship.
Giggle into the silence that then echoes the tinkling sounds as the vibrations spread far and near, filtering into stodgy old growth renewing and moving.
Feel myself moving through the currents of the river of life as Her energy flows through me; we mimic and mirror each other until we are One without boundaries. 
Eyes closed, awareness is light upon skin as I feel the patterns shift, feel the ribbons of energy reverberate until I know not where this body begins and ends and become...becoming...Being Child of Light.

Remarkable how full we can feel with an energy that is so spiritual and connected that we become indescribable. Moments when there simply is no separation and we become lost in time and space yet find Self so we are not lost at all. Moments stretching on and on that ebb and flow, recurrent in their reminders of the interconnection we all share within Gaia. Our breath, our actions, our emotions, and material bodies that are no more structure than a rainbow arching into infinity. Amazing to see these Truths, to know their reality. To be blessed in Her Web yet weave our own creations as we join the patterns that emerge as Our world. A matrix of Divine flow, a field ever-changing yet always the same reflected in the cycles of life and the seasonal shifts for a tree is always a tree yet appears to change and then is born again indecipherable within the forest yet unique in its own qualities. All is changing yet forever the same...new patterns creating diversity.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Soul Cards(c)
Walking in the footsteps of all creatures as we are One.
See how our spirits blend and we enhance each other through our interaction?
"Figs, twigs and fodder" are my food and I am nourished within Gaia in Her glorious diversity.
The animals walk within me--sharing their pleasures and gifts of senses and perception that is otherwise unknown, hidden behind the thoughts that tremble and race through a mind that can be savior or foe depending upon the "I" that knows and grows, seeing, and imagining, for within the space of moments spent with other Beings within and walking beyond my limitations are treasures of color and sound and spirit.
Lakes and puddles reflect the Light of Love while canyons, desert sands, and forests cool and sheltering bring balance. Stars that sparkle and shimmer inspire and share a breathless awe of all that is and was and ever will be. Cool dry air greets my yawn in the morning and eases the beginning of a new day that exists in my mind and body, and warm sun-tipped breezes lift my joy as they caress the hair upon brow and scalp, shifting gently or whipping wildly in evocative stimulation. I feel the 
Oneness of my path that stretches ever onward into the past of existence that is ever-present within each breath. 
Magical Mother Nature renewing and transforming, each pause a moment of pure ecstasy held transfixed in the prism of eternity. 
Rainbows fall from Her eyes across skies and walls and the pot of gold is here and now, falling into up-raised palms open and accepting with blissful surrender. 
Peace floats upon the backs of the beasts that have no burdens except those we impose and so we set them and ourselves free from expectation.
Truly, every glance partakes of miracles and beauty beyond imagination.
To walk in awareness the pure glory of our world is to honor Gaia and Self in our joint experience of Being.
Exquisite moments...
The twinkle of movement and change...

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