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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Resting as One

I rest in Her and She in me.

Perfection is this last image waiting patiently as the final card in my Journey of Soul Inquiry.
For as I traveled, the One constant I knew was always a fresh connection with Her ... Earth Mother, She Who Birthed the Universe.
Gaia has been within always, yet allowing Her to flow through my writing without restrictive thought or mental construct has been a beautiful and empowering experience.
She has brought me home in ways I never imagined before and opened my eyes to vistas of Her glory merely glimpsed in the past.
I feel Her deeply, ever more deeply.
We are One in our energy as well as belief for this journey has opened my heart and soul to our inseparability of Earth and Divine--they are the same.

See how She shimmers within forest and field, how Her essence glimmers through the flowers she yields.
Many and varied are Her gifts through the land yet none are more precious than the touch of Her hand upon mine when we walk and Her voice in my ear when She sweetly talks through the wind and the wingeds with their songs that are heard for miles upon seconds that soar and carry our love to all who may yearn for more. 
Once in fear of the darkness unfolding yet now Her hand is the breath I am holding while hugging a tree and basking in sun or hearing the sea upon sands ... all are One.

I never imagined that I would feel Her presence to such a degree that now I could no more be alone than to be without form embracing our journey together in the material world of experience learning and laughing and loving.
Truly remarkable the path I have penned with these images as portals.
The cards had been here for years, they had called to me at different points when one would resonate but this was unlike all those moments before.
Gaia reached out, touched my heart with a light of such creative clarity that I did not question the beacon.
I heard Her voice and I simply responded, opening to Her guidance and whispers and love.
I offered myself as channel in these moments and felt tremendous peace or insight or remembrance.
There have been moments when the words that flowed were familiar ... and others when I finished writing surprised to see what symbols had been created that manifested as words reflecting images from an image.
Contemplative writing as process, guided by her infinite wisdom like a bud knowing which elements to draw within its roots in order to flower fully.
I am ever so humbled and grateful.

A journey written to explore, and to share in communion with those who already know Gaia in all Her sacred stillness and wild wonder, and perhaps to reach out to those who have not felt Her as Nature, who have not realized Her within Self in heartbeat and cells, who have not known the Divine in all aspects of life and form and function, flora and fauna. She is the mundane and the magical.
We are One.


  1. Most strongly resonating with me: We are One in our energy as well as belief for this journey has opened my heart and soul to our inseparability of Earth and Divine--they are the same... See how She shimmers ...sacred stillness and wild wonder ... heartbeat and cells ... knowing the Divine in all ... mundane and magical. All these words make me feel connected and grounded, while at the same time enabling my spirit to soar!

  2. ... your feelings are mine as well ... so pleased we experience the harmony together!


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