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Thursday, April 21, 2011


Flower of Prayer
Fragile shell so temporary housing this Spirit, so many gifts like all the other beings yet unique each of us. Needing shelter from heat and cold, creativity of La Chispa and Knowledge combine to discover answers to survival having long ago left behind how to simply Be in the world comfortable entirely with skin born within. The great sentinel pine grows and stands tall, surviving from sapling the harsh snows and frigid temperatures and blazing sun in drought. The majestic saguaro with its cautious growth and precious arms that it spreads only when mature and finally secure in its place in the world. The wildflower that some call weed who springs up fresh and bright each time, living fully for its moments int he mildness then to release itself, scattering remnants and bits that are whole yet tiny, strong yet carried away on the merest breeze or the most miniscule beak of a bird that sees in the distance a field of clover or a stand of trees beckoning a journey. This fragile thing I wear, so precious, so needy and delicate, grateful for thoughts and inspiration that provide for its existence here and now to experience the world of form. Mountains calling, a crooked tree the invitation of a hand that blends into Her surroundings only visible if we open to seeing. She waves a little, smiling. Her creatures tend to their business oblivious to my gaze of awe.


  1. Hi Darla, That flower almost looks erotic. We have a mutual blogging friend, Blue Ridge Blue Collar Girl.

  2. Nice to 'meet' you, Colleen. Most flowers are, don't you feel? I feel there is an innate sexuality/sensuality to flowers as the procreative essence of the material, the subtle and the transcendent worlds...


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