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Friday, April 22, 2011


A few years ago, Yarrow seemed to be reaching out to me, asking me to include her in the sunshine flower bed. I accepted her invitation and selected four varieties. I was fascinated by them -- their strength and subtlety, the smallness of the flowers belying their sturdiness, and I loved how they created a delightful canopy of blooms atop the tall stem.

With all the issues recently relating to environmental stress and potential radiation increases, I turned to Gaia and Her flowers. Within the world of vibration and energy, the flowers sing of harmony and healing, flooding our being with joy. And Flower Essences are able to share these blessings from blooms across the country or around the world.

There are many vibrational remedies and essences that will help to alleviate the imbalances created within our systems by an overload of radiation and/or environmental toxins. Which one(s) I use and what approach I take with myself, the animals or clients, depends upon where my inner guide is leading me in each individual situation.

Because I was once again feeling a strong call by Yarrow, I sought out options for this particular Flower Essence. Recalling that FES had created a blend, although I hadn't explored very many of their essences (there are many flower essence lines available!), I bought a bottle of Yarrow Environmental Essence ("YES") and waited eagerly for its arrival.

YES is a fabulous formula! With the first four drops, I felt it moving through my system smoothly and powerfully; and I loved the odd taste which confirmed that I needed the cleansing, self-healing energy shared by the flowers, plants and crystalline structures within this blend. The sensation reminded me of how, when the Yarrow in my flower bed blooms, I immediately feel like a breath of fresh air has moved through me like Mother Nature's broom! I will continue dosing for a week or so, or until I sense that the clearing I needed can continue on its own without the subtle catalyst shared by the flowers.

Just say YES!


  1. I have yarrow growing in several places around my house, and just love it - seem to keep adding more. A couple of years ago I found the most delightful yarrow in a shade of salmon. Love those sturdy stalks and delicate flowers, as you say!

    (And your comment on my blog yesterday just touched my heart - I looked up that song Sweet Medicine, and it's wonderful! I may just have to feature that tomorrow. And, a bonus - this Jason Castro guy is the one who sings Somewhere Over The Rainbow!!! I'd never heard of him, and have recently come to LOVE that song! So, thank you once, twice, let's see... three times over! :)

  2. That is so wonderful, Brenda! Yarrow is great for when our jobs involve a lot of computer or electronic work as well. They are so beautiful.

    Glad you enjoyed Sweet Medicine and Jason Castro; I adore his music -- he reminds me so much of the 60's era even though he's only in his early twenties. Yes, he does a beautiful job with Somewhere Over the Rainbow (did you know that his version is based upon an earlier version of it by the late IZ (Israel Kamakawiwo'ole)?

  3. hmmm...I will have to investigate the YES formula...we have some yarrow growing in our garden too...it is a lovely plant.

  4. If you are drawn to YES and Yarrow, I'm sure you will feel some benefits through Her gift, Laura. :-)


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