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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

a stream

a stream, a flow,
away we go,
destination nowhere ...
now. here.

another 'earlier' morning
with sunshine sky
while I listen to Kevin Kendle's
"Flowers" and "Butterflies"
lightly spattering the ether with pure tones
outside are lots and lots of tiny birds
racing around like mad
soaring and swooping and hopping
as they go from limb of tree to dry prickly blades of grass
and back again
over and over
a beautiful display of delight upon the air
the snow has almost disappeared
from the front yard abandoning its wintry grip
so very early this year
at least for now
in this moment
time has skipped a month or two ahead
and I can almost see
the energy
of new life peeking out preceding
the matter that will spread into the template
so quick are these tiny birds
wings impossible to see when they're in flight
but knowing they are there
do these little birds arrive before robins
I don't know
big yellow school bus
kids holler
dogs bark
boldly disrupting the
gentle quiet notes of flute
and light feathery flight of tiny winged beings
squeal of brakes
air compression
off to a new day of friends and learning
the excitement and drama
of youth
I loved school
or I think I did
in hindsight
was that real or memory
I love it still
the learning
the acquiring of information
that turns into knowledge
when assimilated and
transforms into wisdom over time
with experience and
inner application of Truth
open welcoming of all that is
in me
I can see
wherein resides the peace
of wisdom
need to relax
open to the flow
as she washes over me in her
gentle waves of wisdom
carrying me
to where and how I can be in bliss and
be there wherever there is
to help
not rescue
help others who are also seeking
in return
learn and receive
support of Gaia in her many manifestations
I reach out
offer her support and healing
as we move together
since there is no separation
through this global shift
cycles of all life in all forms
are merely a reflection
rhythms of the pulse of our Universe
in its consciousness seeking and growing
we stand in our manifest form
upon her broad bosom where all nourishment springs forth
in love and support
yet we struggle
for what
how have we arrived
how do we leave
where do we all come together as a whole
in realization
we truly create
all that we and others and the world are
because of our unity and oneness
so we can wake up
to the beauty and magnificence
of our manifest experience in both its simplicity
and grandeur and miraculous
because it's all a miracle
every single nano-second
each moment
a precious gift
and it is exactly as we create it to be
as we have chosen to be
when we come birthing into this world
in all our forms
because I am not just this human
I am also
this cat
this dog
this bird
this tree
this rock crystal
salty and firey
and this table who came from a tree
who came from earth
where I have died
millions of times
to return my form
to become another
who next

Thursday, March 4, 2010

He Who Comes In Peace ... has gone

Mo’s departure was sudden and entirely unexpected; the situation caught both Ron and I completely unprepared emotionally, and so has been particularly difficult. In addition, Mo has always been a lead character in our day-to-day lives; from the very beginning, he inserted himself into the very center of our home and hearts -- and settled in deeply.

I can scarcely grasp that he will no longer drape himself across my neck to sleep at night as he has for almost ten years; no more to follow me around, to jump on my lap when I sit down to read, to carry on long conversations with Ron or I, to be the first to the food dish, carry a toy to me while yowling loudly or snuggle with me whenever and wherever possible. He was mellow, friendly and seemed to rest in a deep faith that all would be well no matter what; in fact, he was so calm that we could run a vacuum right next to him and he would just watch, or when the dogs would hear a noise and go crazy with barking, again he simply observed while the rest of the cats scattered to hiding places. We called him Mo and a host of other nicknames, but his proper name was Imhotep - Egyptian for 'he-who-comes-in-peace'. And he lived that name.

I know that everything happens the way it does for a reason but I confess that I failed this particular lesson in 'loving detachment.' Without any mental or emotional preparation to losing Mo, I lost a bit of myself as well. And yet, I feel so honored and blessed that he came into my life, and I will treasure every moment we shared together, even as my heart aches with the absence of his physical form and voice. Mo was peace - a being who brought light, love and laughter into each and every moment of life.

Read more about our miraculous Imhotep ...

Adopted March 2000; Died March 2, 2010

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