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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Go Wildcats!

No, I'm not a sports fan. Never have been, never will be. 


I'm tickled to share that I have been admitted into the University of Arizona (UA), College of Humanities, Creative Writing degree program. Yay! College has been a long time coming for me -- 30 plus years -- and I alternate between feeling feverishly excited and numbingly fearful. So here I am; I'm becoming a UA Wildcat. 

UA was offering extended deadlines for registration in July so... I applied for admittance and was accepted. The good thing I keep reminding myself of is that this endeavor is all voluntary on my part; I can do as many or as few classes as I'm comfortable with. Gotta remember that. 

In fact, I had to hurry home from my Rocky Mountain High road trip -- 16 hours from Colorado Springs to Tucson in one fell swoop -- because I needed to take placement exams at least a week prior to student orientation. 

I know that none of my classes will be easy, but I am really looking forward to learning more in order to grow my writing. I thought about just taking stand-alone courses in writing (allowing a simpler, slower pace and less worry about grades), but it seemed a shame not to at least give the degree path a try. 

Again, all of this comes back to my choice, so I'll just see how it goes! 

There is a flower essence blend called Cognis which I will be taking lots of, I'm sure! Gotta get my neurons firing and the memory tissue plumped up... 

As long-time readers of my blog will recall, the awesome Tucson Festival of Books is held on the University of Arizona campus, so I am at least a little bit familiar with the layout. Phew!

Further, I just read this interesting article "The Ideal English Major." While parts of the article come across a bit "holier than thou," still, much of what the author says really resonates with how I feel about writing, words, and language.

So, here's to balancing the academic side of writing with the Tao of Writing!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Get High

Get high...Rocky Mountain High, that is...!

I picked Mom up at the Phoenix airport, and our road trip began.

Painted Desert
Mesa Verde

Blue Mesa Reservoir
the Rocky Mountains

Cripple Creek
Pikes Peak Summit

 Written details to follow... maybe!

And a big beautiful nocturnal visitor showed herself in our yard
a couple nights after I returned home...
Tarantula...about the size of my hand

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