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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Get High

Get high...Rocky Mountain High, that is...!

I picked Mom up at the Phoenix airport, and our road trip began.

Painted Desert
Mesa Verde

Blue Mesa Reservoir
the Rocky Mountains

Cripple Creek
Pikes Peak Summit

 Written details to follow... maybe!

And a big beautiful nocturnal visitor showed herself in our yard
a couple nights after I returned home...
Tarantula...about the size of my hand


  1. How great to go on a road trip with your mom. Spectacular views and I love the tarantula too. :)

    1. A love of traveling is one of the few things that Mom and I have in common, so it's turned out to be a good way to spend some time with her.

      Yes, my husband and I were tickled to pieces to meet Ms. Tarantula!

  2. Beautiful! What a grand space to spend time with your mom!

  3. May you continue to have a wonderful visit!

  4. Renate, it really was. :-)

    Vicki, and there are always more ... and more! LOL

    Laura, thank you, our week was lovely. I returned home last week, safe and blissful. :-)


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