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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

the perfume of life

Mysticism is the perfume of life.
Without mysticism, life becomes mechanical and a mechanical life is a boring life.
Mystery and beauty go together.
Life is a mystery; it is not a puzzle.
A puzzle can be solved and understood.
Then once you understand the puzzle, the puzzle is no more a puzzle.
Birth, death, the breath and heartbeat are all mysteries.
Mystery means to enter into the unknown.
Those people who do not feel comfortable with mystery feel fear of the unknown.
~ Vasant Lad, M.A.Sc.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Good-bye Juliette

We lived together for almost 15 years and I'll miss her lively presence. This morning as I prepared my breakfast, and each time I rattle a dish or open a cabinet door, I expect to see her leap to the counter hoping for a snack - or hurry to her water dish so that I'll fill it with fresh warm water just the way she prefers it. And I know that the next time I return home after being away a few hours, it will be odd not to see her waiting in the window, watching for me; she didn't do it every time but often enough that it became habit for me to see if she was there.

Juliette was the last of the "Colorado Cats" -- those who were rescued while I was living in the Rockies - so it feels sort of like the end of an era, the true loss of connection to a particular phase in my life that was filled with tremendous growth.

More about the Lovely Liette...

Adopted in 1995; Died February 10, 2010

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Last night, I wanted (needed) to watch a movie that was light, funny and romantic. Something that was easy to be with and yet uplifting. And the movie I chose was perfect - although I wasn't sure it was going to be when it began! LOL Think fairy tale and then step into the magic of Penelope! I found this movie a total delight ... with a happy ending twist that you won't want to miss - so I won't give it away!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Earth as Sacred Community

While walking past the shop at Kripalu in January, a thin brown book perched upon the discount cart called to me. Unsuspecting, I stopped to glance through its pages, the author unfamiliar but the title compelling: Evening Thoughts ~ Reflecting on Earth as Sacred Community by Thomas Berry. A line on the first page of chapter one held me captive, one that I have since come to know is widely quoted:

"... the universe is a communion of subjects,
not a collection of objects."

As I read this slim volume, taking my time in order to fully absorb its depth, I find myself wanting to share large portions of Berry's thoughts with everyone! Since I can't do that, I simply encourage you to check out this book or one of his others (all of which are now on my wish-list), read some of his essays by googling, or perhaps watch and listen to Berry via youtube. His insights are profound, his words inspirational, and his gift of wisdom one to be treasured.
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