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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Good-bye Juliette

We lived together for almost 15 years and I'll miss her lively presence. This morning as I prepared my breakfast, and each time I rattle a dish or open a cabinet door, I expect to see her leap to the counter hoping for a snack - or hurry to her water dish so that I'll fill it with fresh warm water just the way she prefers it. And I know that the next time I return home after being away a few hours, it will be odd not to see her waiting in the window, watching for me; she didn't do it every time but often enough that it became habit for me to see if she was there.

Juliette was the last of the "Colorado Cats" -- those who were rescued while I was living in the Rockies - so it feels sort of like the end of an era, the true loss of connection to a particular phase in my life that was filled with tremendous growth.

More about the Lovely Liette...

Adopted in 1995; Died February 10, 2010

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