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Thursday, March 4, 2010

He Who Comes In Peace ... has gone

Mo’s departure was sudden and entirely unexpected; the situation caught both Ron and I completely unprepared emotionally, and so has been particularly difficult. In addition, Mo has always been a lead character in our day-to-day lives; from the very beginning, he inserted himself into the very center of our home and hearts -- and settled in deeply.

I can scarcely grasp that he will no longer drape himself across my neck to sleep at night as he has for almost ten years; no more to follow me around, to jump on my lap when I sit down to read, to carry on long conversations with Ron or I, to be the first to the food dish, carry a toy to me while yowling loudly or snuggle with me whenever and wherever possible. He was mellow, friendly and seemed to rest in a deep faith that all would be well no matter what; in fact, he was so calm that we could run a vacuum right next to him and he would just watch, or when the dogs would hear a noise and go crazy with barking, again he simply observed while the rest of the cats scattered to hiding places. We called him Mo and a host of other nicknames, but his proper name was Imhotep - Egyptian for 'he-who-comes-in-peace'. And he lived that name.

I know that everything happens the way it does for a reason but I confess that I failed this particular lesson in 'loving detachment.' Without any mental or emotional preparation to losing Mo, I lost a bit of myself as well. And yet, I feel so honored and blessed that he came into my life, and I will treasure every moment we shared together, even as my heart aches with the absence of his physical form and voice. Mo was peace - a being who brought light, love and laughter into each and every moment of life.

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Adopted March 2000; Died March 2, 2010

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