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Monday, April 11, 2011

Blossoms, Not Burdens

She bears the lotus of love and peace upon her head like native women carry their baskets of nourishing grains.
She is a vision of Light within all that I am and can become.
No burdens do I carry when She is here for choice delights the soul and slows the pace into a dance along the path.
Light emerges wherever She walks and I smile to feel Her footsteps alongside mine...gentle, graceful.
We move through this dream in harmony, our hearts beat as one and flowers spring from the prints of our feet.
Within Her I am whole and beauty is everywhere I look knowing all that happens is nourishing growth even in the midst of loss or pain. 
When I open to Her ever-present Spirit, only bliss can bloom in my heart crowding out the thorns I resist that then prick.
A gray morning is diffusing Her Light into a gentle veil of wonder and softening the view of what is so that I drink Her slowly in, savoring, sip by sip, feeling Her permeate my being like subtle rose tea blessed moment by moment.
The swish of movement out in the world rushes through Her puddle-prints and I relish the vibration of Her presence within them. Easy, soft sounds surround and muffle the speeding machines upon flat hard surfaces.
Within Her, I drift and settle and dance the Light alive within Self.

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