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Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Star is Born

A star glows with the light of all souls who travel and wander, seeking, living the experience of birth and death.
We are the light reflected, the stars that shine in the night, and She is the star within, the spark of eternal love.
Within our reach is everything for She withholds nothing.
Only our own constructed limitations hold us back from a journey of peace ... compassion guides our way and protects us from ourselves.
We form the stars with each pause and purpose in life; with each compassionate breath we take and give to another a star is born.
From within and without, She joins with us in singing the world into Being--our consciousness rises as One light and bursts into joyous fireworks spreading out across the universe.
Each precious bit of soil, each microbe, each crystalline structure is a star in its world, sharing and transforming and allowing energy to flow in a light beyond limitations.
Lights of a city, how bright and enticing, yet limit our vision of the universe and Her stars that are seen across the galaxy.
How do we see within and beyond the bright, busy lives we lead to know Her light in the world around us and inside of us?
How shall we grow the stars within to be alight unto our world ... to shine upon the path before us, illuminating our own journey and allowing others to glimmer as well?
A soul reaches out, fingertips extended, connecting the light as it flows and expands from one to another. 
Beautiful to feel the light from within and how we open ... let it out to shine!
The light of our elemental world is not to be kept hidden for without the oxygen of life it will flicker and disappear.
An awareness comes within a star's vessel, a knowing that through communion--with the Divine, with all beings and life in every form, with the Divine in others--is light.
A star is born in communion.

"The Universe is a communion of subjects, not a collection of objects."


  1. Awesome thoughts about stars, you have a beautiful way with words, Darla!

  2. To see the stars -- the Big Dipper wheeling about the Pole Star, the Milky Way flung across the sky, the constellations in their stately dance -- is a glimpse into the grandeur of the universe.

  3. Diane, all life reflects upon Herself in so many ways, don't you think? :-) Thank you.

    Vicki, so right...


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