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Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Soul Cards(c)
Walking in the footsteps of all creatures as we are One.
See how our spirits blend and we enhance each other through our interaction?
"Figs, twigs and fodder" are my food and I am nourished within Gaia in Her glorious diversity.
The animals walk within me--sharing their pleasures and gifts of senses and perception that is otherwise unknown, hidden behind the thoughts that tremble and race through a mind that can be savior or foe depending upon the "I" that knows and grows, seeing, and imagining, for within the space of moments spent with other Beings within and walking beyond my limitations are treasures of color and sound and spirit.
Lakes and puddles reflect the Light of Love while canyons, desert sands, and forests cool and sheltering bring balance. Stars that sparkle and shimmer inspire and share a breathless awe of all that is and was and ever will be. Cool dry air greets my yawn in the morning and eases the beginning of a new day that exists in my mind and body, and warm sun-tipped breezes lift my joy as they caress the hair upon brow and scalp, shifting gently or whipping wildly in evocative stimulation. I feel the 
Oneness of my path that stretches ever onward into the past of existence that is ever-present within each breath. 
Magical Mother Nature renewing and transforming, each pause a moment of pure ecstasy held transfixed in the prism of eternity. 
Rainbows fall from Her eyes across skies and walls and the pot of gold is here and now, falling into up-raised palms open and accepting with blissful surrender. 
Peace floats upon the backs of the beasts that have no burdens except those we impose and so we set them and ourselves free from expectation.
Truly, every glance partakes of miracles and beauty beyond imagination.
To walk in awareness the pure glory of our world is to honor Gaia and Self in our joint experience of Being.
Exquisite moments...
The twinkle of movement and change...


  1. The mind can be savior or foe depending on the 'I', can't it?

    Still I bask in the lovely Gaia that you deeply respect and describe so beautifully here.

    Welcome back. I hope you rested well.

  2. Lovely reflection, Darla. It reminds me of how I really feel most spiritually complete and connected when I'm outdoors.

    I see you took a blog break...me, too! Even though mine was unintentional. It's good to be back.

  3. Thank you, mermaid...I never tire of feeling our Oneness with Gaia, with Source.

    Beth, amazing, isn't it?! Yes, good to be back to Blog World for the resonance with others; when not doing the Journey I've been on with the Soul Cards, I don't post/read daily so this has been a delightful experience.

  4. Welcome back!! We've missed you! :)

  5. Thanks, Brenda, I missed you, too!


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