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Friday, April 15, 2011

I'm Just an Old Chunk of Coal

Coal becomes diamond and reflects the light, enhancing, brightening.
Transformation of life and Self, I open to the wisdom that is abundant to a heart receptive.
See the beauty in the coal, cloaked and humble, taking its time in transformation as the world speeds by.
Sit in mind's eye--center.
Here a focus of light, a laser directed through multi-faceted experiences and planes of existence too numerous to name yet present and filled with purpose.
She brings me diamonds to sparkle and coal to warm the sparks asleep within, deep in the bowels of Self and earth, waiting, building, nourishing.
Rocks of Ages.
Solitaire of Oneness that fills our field with Light.
Accepting, I welcome Her.

Remarkable gifts that we harvest yet do not see or honor...
Thank you, Gaia, for within each part is the whole of you and us and all life.
In the plainest soul lies the deepest secrets of a knowing born out of simplicity.
For two are One, the duality an illusion.
Coal is diamond and the non-sparkles are dull yet remove and release the toxins by absorbing them and transforming them rather than repelling.
The prisms of diamonds reflect in blue ice of magnificence bringing their unique gifts of transformation and clarity.
One is not more important or of more value than the other for they are One born of Her wisdom that we see when we open.
The beauty of the coal in Her obsidian skin that draws in the light to heal Her Self.
The beauty of the diamond in Her stardust mirrors that send the light to heal Her world.
Glimpse the wisdom in Her duality and go beyond the comparative illusory realm of dark and light, black and white, to see the future of our sacredness in all facets of life as One.

Blessed image as this particular journey slows.
A truthful reminder of all I have gleaned along the way through Her portals, each pebble and twig hold a message if I have ears to hear and eyes to see and bare an open heart.
A life of temptation to be ever-drawn to the spectacular, the grand, the twinkling effervescence of the false light of ego-attachments that are fine so long as I honor the True Light and embrace Her cave, the sleep, the darkness, the womb of simple solitude and its gifts of renewal that may come at a slower pace yet are not lost in the evanescence of illusion.
So eager to see the next moment sometimes, to find the excitement, when the peace of the present moment is here and now and is ultimately Her greatest gift.
"I'm just an old chunk of coal, but I'm gonna be a diamond some day..." can be deceiving--gaze deeper and honor the coal for the energy and unique cleansing it provides, for only then will the diamond form naturally flaws and all. 
Honor the common elements of our amazing, gorgeous universe for Her diamond is always here, there, waiting to shine once we embrace the coal.


  1. The earth never ceases to amaze. The amount of time and pressure required to change coal to diamonds...surely there is lessons in that transformation.

    Enjoyed this so much, Darla.

  2. Darla - thanks so much for your kind words. It's funny...I don't know you, and yet that day I was so down about leaving Katie behind I found myself hoping you'd stop by my blog. I wanted to hear from you! You have a calming, reassuring presence even in the blogosphere. I wonder if you are that way in person. I bet you are. Thanks again. Needless to say, I am so happy that things turned out as they did!

  3. Ditto to what Brenda said about your calming, soothing presence, Darla. Work has been chaotic, my home is chaotic right now (my daughter, son-in-law, two granddaughters and two dogs are staying with me for a couple of weeks until they move into their new place) ... but I come here, read your words and I remember the connectedness, I feel the sacred in all natural creation. Coal into diamonds ... so much beauty in the natural order of the Divine.

  4. 'a laser directed through multi-faceted experiences'...your metaphors are amazing!

    You, like mother earth, turn words into diamonds. Thank you.

  5. Dear, wonderful and wise women -- deep thanks to you for your kindness and loving energy; open heart to you for sharing this latest journey with me.

    Talon, so pleased the piece brought you joy.

    Brenda, we rescue--we know each other. :-) Perhaps the calm comes from the cats and dogs and all of Nature? The more deeply I connect, then the peace moves in.

    Rose, yes, that's it ... the sacred within nature, and within our nature ... we commune and are calmed.

    Kaveri, thank you ... so pleased these words have touched you.



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