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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Leap of Faith

A leap of faith takes me beyond my little world of ego and control into the sparkling atmosphere of lightening flashes that create harmonies to support and inspire.
I feel light and dance upon the clouds with their puffy white buoyancy beneath feet once firmly planted merely in what could be conformed to safety of heart.
An illusion of safety because without faith the heart is a caged bird fluttering against the bars in endless repetition but never growing or learning to fly.
When Her Light fills me, I leap!
Or do I leap and then Her Light glows from within?!
The moment of leaping is a mysterious transformation that has no beginning or ending for it is part of the journey I choose.
Leap of faith ... am I gazing forward, looking backward, closing my eyes or keeping my vision clear in that moment?
Is it faith when I leap in fear? Yes...leaping without knowing is true faith, is it not?
And then stretching before me is infinite possibilities.
Playing it safe instead of leaping in faith doesn't mean there won't be any challenges.
Safety is an illusion we create that can become a whirlpool in which we drown...it can be the quicksand into which we slowly sink. 
So why not leap?
Follow heart, listen to intuition, use mind, and create a new world of peace and of compassion.
Holding hands, we do not have to feel like we are stepping off a cliff all alone.
Reach out to Her and She will grasp our hands in love and we leap together!

Imagery fills my mind with all kinds of scenarios--they are infinite in manifestation.
Circumstances may appear static but our mental, emotional or spiritual approach can be vast in opportunity and once we become aware of this, even the physical opens to previously unforeseen paths.
Each step creates a print ... a pattern ... an opening into The Now through which anything becomes possible; when not attached to a want or desire, we can evolve, grow beyond our previous vision.

I leap and then find myself trying to go back, grasping for the familiar but it is already gone--it is the past.
This is when I may close my eyes in terror but then feel Her hand touch mine. She is always within and available and all I have to do is allow Her to move in me and She will bring peace colored with courage and confidence and faith.

Sometimes I leap and the fog is so thick that I cannot see my own arm let alone the air into which I place my foot and I know the fall may belong or short with a landing that could be hard or soft but still I leap because I also trust that bridges may manifest from the gleaming colors of her cloak spread out before me to become a magic carpet ride upon the back of an eagle or a safety net woven from the threads of my ancestors' spirits into which I land without injury. 
Leap. Trust that the experience is necessary and beautiful and filled with bliss ... ultimately.

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  1. "...without faith the heart is a caged bird fluttering against the bars in endless repetition but never growing or learning to fly."

    oh Darla...


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