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Saturday, April 9, 2011


Pause in the emergent moment and consider the actions so that they are not RE-actions but conscious response.
Each experience is an opportunity to witness Self and others, to grow through challenges joyful and painful, to walk or stand.
Once settled in Self there is no thought requiring this pause because each action flows beautifully and naturally from Being...being One with all of life in The Now.
A deep knowing comes through that is beneath and beyond our thinking minds. 
Look around.
See the wisdom of Gaia flowing through all life...through and within we humans as well when we get out of our own way, using our minds consciously for manifesting but coming from the space of stillness and presence not from the egoic thinking mind. Use the mind, do not let it use us.
It is the origination point here...to know in an awareness that is centered in Gaia--the Infinite--Source.
Imagine a voice, Her voice, speaking through each of our individual lives, a reminder to "stop" and allow Her to flow through our every cell and tissue and very existence on all planes.
Emotions rise and I see how rooted some of them are in the past, not the present. They are tangled in the perceived complexity of past situations that no longer exist or apply, the tendrils sharp but dry and brittle so that all I have to do is crumble them with firm hands--rub them between my palms until they are dust and soft and fall away into soil and wind to become part of a new life. No longer having the rigid residue of the past, the emotions spring up fresh and can be seen in the purity of the now. Clean. Crisp. And flexible! Malleable emotions felt and released!
It may require a reminder to "stop"...to pause and reflect.
Take a moment--a breath.
Feel the experience of NOW fully without the tendrils of the past.
Screaming, yelling, calling out as loudly as possible...is that sometimes what we have to do to bring awareness of Self and others into the present moment? Maybe; each path is unique. To release through sound the anger, fear, pain or frustration (often residing partially if not fully in the past voice that never spoke)--let it all out through clarifying and healing methods that do no harm to self or others.
Residual emotions can come up again and again!
All that was gone was only buried and can come rising up like bile that has tainted one step in a journey on the path of the present. Yellow and bitter and burning, the emotion-of-past had no place but still tried to cling to the back of the throat like an old, poisoned tree-frog no longer verdant and beneficial but yellow-mottled and rotten-smelling. 
Quick! Put in a tube and allow the bile to drain away into the ground to be cleansed and to be dissipated by clear rains and sun swept skies to reveal once more the peaceful sticky-toed tree-frog that emerges and brings peaceful presence and allow *that* to stick.


  1. I love the way describe residual emotions. Let them indeed turn to dust and let us blow them like sand into the wind.

    I'm glad I STOPPED to read this:)

  2. Time outs -- not just for toddlers.

  3. Wise ladies, all of you! each from a delightfully unique and gifted perspective -- lovely!


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