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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Child of Light

Welcome the Child of Light imbuing my Soul with joy and innocence and play! Play every day--imagine, create, skip, and sing, build houses for the wee people in the forests and deserts, invite our eyes to see beyond the mundane to the magical. Realms of laughter bubbling out of springs and rolling with delight in fields of golden grasses burnished by sunlight fingers dancing. 
Dreams that come true every second and love that expands and carries us "up, up and away in our beautiful balloon" of colors and sparkles where we see all life as precious and wondrous. Marvel at the minute roly-polies tucking themselves into balls like tiny beads of beingness unremarkable yet duplicated nowhere else and mystic in their ability to transform and survive.
Snow melts and seeps into thirsty ground teeming with expression where Robins hop and peck, and fragile green tips glance upward to gauge the angle of sun and warmth of beaming light, playing the ancient game of hide-n-seek.
Bringing wonder into my heart, I embrace my Child of Light, and fling my arms wide open to allow fertility and rebirth to flow into every aspect of being and living.
See the smiles on faces and feel the love in companionship.
Giggle into the silence that then echoes the tinkling sounds as the vibrations spread far and near, filtering into stodgy old growth renewing and moving.
Feel myself moving through the currents of the river of life as Her energy flows through me; we mimic and mirror each other until we are One without boundaries. 
Eyes closed, awareness is light upon skin as I feel the patterns shift, feel the ribbons of energy reverberate until I know not where this body begins and ends and become...becoming...Being Child of Light.

Remarkable how full we can feel with an energy that is so spiritual and connected that we become indescribable. Moments when there simply is no separation and we become lost in time and space yet find Self so we are not lost at all. Moments stretching on and on that ebb and flow, recurrent in their reminders of the interconnection we all share within Gaia. Our breath, our actions, our emotions, and material bodies that are no more structure than a rainbow arching into infinity. Amazing to see these Truths, to know their reality. To be blessed in Her Web yet weave our own creations as we join the patterns that emerge as Our world. A matrix of Divine flow, a field ever-changing yet always the same reflected in the cycles of life and the seasonal shifts for a tree is always a tree yet appears to change and then is born again indecipherable within the forest yet unique in its own qualities. All is changing yet forever the same...new patterns creating diversity.


  1. Lovely post, Darla, nice to see you back in blogland!

  2. so beautiful Darla...two days ago, when I posted the piece about Jack, I had a coaching session with a client and we did a SoulCollage reading on her inner child card...we seem to be right in sync my friend. It is good to read your stream of loving words again. I have missed you.

  3. Thank you, Diane -- wonderful to be here again!

    Laura, your kindness reaches so far beyond words; wonderful to feel your energy again and be in our stream together.


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