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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Perfect Union

Joined as One across the cosmos, we are unique yet provide the perfect match for each other, each bringing gifts to share and, when we touch, a glow begins that spreads into the field of all knowing. 
Our energies spinning in our spiral dance. 
Marriage of Universe.
Creation and Balance.
Emotion and Thought.

An extraordinary feeling as Her sea sweeps through me and fills my pores and pours out in swirls into a world wherein we all take our chance in the dance of life.
Combining mine with yours as we fly to the sky or dive to the depths!
We evaporate and float up into the ether where we change and then fall to the ground over and over in cascades of increasing clarity as our cycles of life continue.
See the beauty in Her waves and rain and streams and lakes and know Her comfort when our mouths are dry and our skin is parched and we start to cry tears of salt that cannot fall and She is here to refresh with Her Love. 
Droplets one at a time upon my tongue quench my thirst in exquisite moments as each permeates, spreading--knowing the gift of a single drop. One at a time, they keep me going during the drought and then the rains come in monsoon and gales rush over my flaky outer layer like the hard sands of the sun-cracked desert, wanting to drink but to much too soon only washes away somewhere else before I can grasp the realization that what I need is here right Now.
All I need is here and now.
The future can seem exciting and inviting and when it comes then I will enjoy its blessings, but what if it doesn't?
Enjoy NOW.
Easy to get so caught up in what might be that I miss what is happening NOW--glorious, wonderful, each droplet a blessing neither yearning for past or craving future but relishing the present. 
Huge lessons and tiny ones.
Be Present. Connect. Join. Merge. Communion. Community. Union. 


  1. "All I need is here and now." - A very peaceful statement and it certainly rings true. :)

  2. Always returning to the peaceful present...yes, I know you know, Diane. :-)


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