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Friday, April 8, 2011

Swirls and Twirls

See the future as She swirls and twirls in Her skirts of bliss and being, pain and joy, widening the spiral as She dances. Arms spread...am I ready to fly or am I bracing myself?
Allowing for the possibilities, I wonder and wander to and fro among the paths of Her gardens. A flower catches my eye with its bright orange splendor only to spread wings and fly away a butterfly sharing her gift of transformative passion.
The sun rises in bits of awakening as we all stir and rise ourselves to this moment of yesterday's future and tomorrow's past and I wonder...
Staring into the present I watch in fascination at busy lives of people around me and the contented lives of those creatures called "Guardians of Being" while we all just breathe and move and take part in chosen lives.
A broad canvas waits to be painted with turmeric and beets; bright yellow and deep red stain the blankness spread before my fingers as creation emerges and a pine bough lends her feathery touch to gently spread life in aromatic sweeps that connect edges where boundaries once were but disappear now in acceptance and peace.
The tiny flowers poke their faces out between prickles of life situations yet the beauty of cactus is as amazing as the cosmos blooms wildly waving in the breeze thousands of miles away but woven together as we travel our paths.
Gazing into future like the carnival gypsy with her crystal ball who only speaks what she sees and we are the ones to open in infinite variety like the rainforest's secret remedies resplendent. 
All our elements co-mingle and we reach out or draw within based upon how much we have grown and what kernels of wisdom we have harvested walking the corn fields of life.
Infinite variety and choices galore can cloud our minds or clear them as a brisk breeze sweeping away debris to see the colorful pattern of carefully laid bricks with accidental accents gleaming brightly here and there...

A meandering non-pattern of words and images that stream endlessly from a soul unencumbered in this solitary moment that is only open and welcoming to sound and picture and life surrounding the space of stillness. Nonsense words to some yet they awaken the no-sense of the non-physical that is subtle energy flowing without direction to create swirls and twirls of ink upon a page previously blank yet now a flow of characters that are read by those who know the language but merely graceful curves to one who has not learned this particular expression of being in world past, present, future yet once they learn then all is clear and remains lovely yet enhanced with meaning...connection and sharing and possibility.


  1. a beautifully crochet pattern of words.
    this is so poetic..thank you for that flowing read.


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