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Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Sitting down to journal, I flipped open 'The Essential Rumi' at random and read:

"Live in the nowhere that you came from"

This morning as I looked out to the backyard, the sun was rising but not yet up behind the pines and I was struck by the magnificence of the backlighting ... how glorious and bright ... there stood the pines, tall and straight, aged and sure, their spines rough on the outside yet with the sap of life coursing through them, showing its splendor at the very top where green needles shine and send ions cascading all around joining with the sun to dispel darkness - the deep rejuvenating sleep of all life - and awaken activity ... that activity coming from the backlighting ... and it's behind everything, not just the pine trees. I can move toward the backlight but never quite reach it here in our world of form and yet when I stop moving and settle in the stillness, the backlight comes to me, surrounding me, then I am center stage and enveloped by the light, the light that is no longer behind me or beyond me or above me but around and within me - the light and I become one and I exist in that 'nowhere' that Rumi speaks of ... the 'now - here' that Dyer mentions ... the power of now ala Tolle ... the teachings of ancient wisdom that peeks through the eyes of humans today and speaks to us. Why are there so few wisdom writings from women? Perhaps because womyn, the divine feminine manifest, more often dwell in the light already; she doesn't have to visit the light or try to find the light, she is already present within the love light that glows in her heart and grows in her soul and is part of her Nature unhindered by the roles of the stage (until recent history) ... the hearth-keepers and heart-menders and the ones who were backstage within the backlight already, being and doing and shining naturally through life ... the backlight of nowhere ...

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