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Thursday, June 3, 2010

a love affair with flower essences

I know that I ought to still be immersed in my Ayurvedic studies (since the final exam is coming up in less than two weeks!) but my attention continues to be drawn over and over to my beloved flower essences. While what I have learned about Ayurveda deeply touches me, going to the very core of my connection to Nature and Spirit and Self, the flower essences are a profound source of, for and to that very connection! More on that later ... for now, flower essences call me home ... as I explore them in more depth physically and through reading about them ... and meeting them energetically ... and trying to figure out how to create a cabinet or space for them in which to reside in the main part of the house ...

(the photo is of our own huge White Knight Weigela who is currently heavy-laden with blossoms ... and today's rain)

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