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Wednesday, June 1, 2011


when She touches me I am Bliss
feeling Her love, soft touch, Her kiss
carries me away into this day
of incredible journey I cannot miss
joy to Gaia in all Her forms
sparkling bright Her inner light warms
sharing all Love from below and above
embracing and enveloped within Her arms
silently sitting upon Her breast I am calmed, 
without anxiety or fear 
as I feel Her near
and Peace descends within Her soft palm

Erratic start to this day in carrying and supporting another in need, sheltering and nourishing, brushing hand upon brow, weaving soft gossamer wings of love for him to put in his pocket and touch when stress reaches out and tugs upon his forelock as he runs his race of duty and obligation. Like a strongly muscled steed with steady gait who can gallop for miles, not a sprinter, this one, but in it for the long haul, drafting, plowing, passionate in purpose and steady in devotion, through all the weather he tills the fields and keeps his harness supple with the oil of his sweat. Gentle in nature, protective in function, kind in demeanor, strong in presence, my love, my partner. And I provide a balance of encouragement when he becomes weary, as She does for me when the birds sing and butterflies soar and dogs give kisses, soft in love, filed with compassion for the work undertaken is beautiful  as we join hands in Her world, walking together, thanking Her, grateful in Being.

Flowing words like the images of We'Moon that could easily form the foundation of portals for a new journey of contemplative writing, inspiring exploration and provoking thoughts and deeply moving, created by the diversity of women who travel together within the pages of a book, we who read and we who contribute, we share our souls within and spirits transcend into its wisdom that is spread across the globe...Her globe of green and blue that throbs and pulses with the inner glow of all hearts beating as One. Through the pages are all ages of women who are strong, sensitive, damaged and healing as the tendrils of compassion from around the world wind their way into our hearts joining and empowering. 

We are the keepers of Spirit and Hearth, for we are the embodied lives of Gaia in her fullness of creation. And so I support the doing by being and thus become before I act and bring focus to build the scaffolding that supports my partner and community of beings, we are a team, we are One with all others as we journey through what can be rainbow or thunderstorm that sometimes glow together in magnificence. What a work of art within the melding of lives when we pause to see and recognize Her everywhere in us and in others and in all that is. Amazing! 

I am humbled with this knowing 
that makes me both powerful 
nothing more than a puff of a seed floating in the breeze 
to somewhere unknown


  1. What a gorgeous flower, Darla! Is it a Lady's Slipper? The flower you asked about is a Desert Bird of Paradise. Have a lovely day!

  2. Beautiful image and sentiments, very touching and deep.
    Thank you so much for all your lovely visits and comments.;))

  3. Lovely writing and lovely flower, Darla. I have always especially liked lady slippers and consider it a gift when I happen upon one in the forest.

  4. Yes, it is, Diane -- they are so exquisite and I have always felt blessed to have them growing within the narrow border of woods that surround our home on three sides.

    Thank you so much, Zuzana...

    These ladies are definitely special, Beth, I agree. They share a remarkable energy within their delicate form. Thank you.


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