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Friday, August 12, 2011


She flows through me and winds Her way in the world;
as a stream we touch those who thirst 
and feel the hunger of kindred souls.

All I am is a stalk of grass within the Field 
that has somehow managed to find that elusive grain of salt, 
that tiny nutrient that wasn't far from my roots 
yet had less to do with me than with the Whole of Life 
enveloping all existence in form. 
The salt that was carried within my reach 
so I could stretch out and feel its energy 
calling to me like a song, 
like the vibration of a crystal 
tuned to the frequency I needed, 
or me tuned to Hers in my unaware need 
yet we found each other and I am nourished. 
Where do I find the humble essence of knowing 
that it is through Her Grace that the perfect amount of salt fell within reach? 
Too much can poison yet
Gaia's trickling tears carried the nutrient 
toward my yearning lost tendrils 
that weakly grew in one direction ... alone. 
Did another being join to push and shove, 
swallow and release, 
the salt within reach? 
I received a gift that brings joy and wellness, 
one that I say grace for within each moment. 
How to share with humility and happiness? 
Is my smile genuine in Love? 
Do I pause to witness the journey of the one on their own path 
and offer them a grain of salt, 
the nutrient, 
the seed just as it was gifted to me? 
I know not why the salt appeared 
with its taste so appealing I could not resist 
yet once I felt Her song on my tongue 
I was carried within the melody 
and we flow in harmony 
through the winding ways of the world, 
nourished together, 
by each other, 
releasing and opening, 
Ahhh ... there is it, 
the secret--
non-attachment to the salt. 
Let it fall from my eye, 
from my sweat, 
from my heart 
and realize that 
I do not have to see who tastes it 
or know who adds it to their daily bread as I do. 

She flows through me and winds Her way in the world;
as a stream we quench those who thirst 
and feed the hunger of kindred souls.


  1. So thoughtful and meditative. I've not considered salt in this way before. Your connection to nature and Gaia and all that is inspires me, lights my soul, gives me more to consider.

  2. I'm amazed how you take a picture or symbol and weave a whole poetic tale about it so flawlessly.

    like the vibration of a crystal
    tuned to the frequency I needed,
    or me tuned to Hers in my unaware need
    yet we found each other and I am nourished

    Something about those lines really spoke to me. Maybe it has to do with witnessing the unveiling of the moment and trusting in its perfection.

  3. Thank you, rose and mermaid, for your kind words through which we share a connection, an appreciation for each other and the Divine.


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