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Thursday, September 29, 2011


‎"Writing is the act of burning through the fog in your mind. 
Don't carry the fog out on paper. 
Even if you are not sure of something, express it as though you know yourself. 
With this practice you eventually will."
~ Natalie Goldberg, Writing Down the Bones


  1. Yes! We must write as if we know what we are talking about, even if it initially doesn't make sense.

    Can't tell how many times words, phrases come out and I only get their full meaning some time later.

  2. What a wonderful quote, Darla! The fog is thick in my head right now, and I'm just now beginning to try to break through it. I wish I could write as freely as you do.

  3. I love that little book...filled with wisdom on every page!

  4. Mermaid, I'm still waiting for "full meaning" on some of my writings! :-)

    Beth, may your fog thin in the manner that is most beneficial to you; sometimes we need the fog for a while, as a buffer against all that is happening. (((BIGHUG)))

    Laura, you said it...remarkable book indeed.


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