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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

waiting not

never ending

catch a falling star and become one myself
worms crawl in and out yet all life continues
anything is possible

no point to fret over what we cannot control and cannot see--
I cannot see what lies behind the mind and actions of others,
all I see are my non-senses and perceptions
react and respond ... act

Take action in my own life instead of just waiting for what I think someone else ought to do--I could wait forever, spend my life waiting instead of acting with joy in each moment. This moment--what is it and what does it bring--what do I bring to it? Sunshine, dogs, chair, quiet, writing, walking, singing, healing, meditating, preparing food, honoring self and others. Kiss my loves. Love my life. All will be as it should. Yes?

Sun warming my back as I sit facing my shadow. Sun hat shading the page so I can see and the heat penetrating my cold spine, warming its stiffness into softness; like a flame warms the oil I feel the juices of my vertebrae, loosening, becoming more fluid allowing freer movement within self. Thick molasses becomes a syrup flowing easily from the heat and as other liquids join in, all flowing the same direction for now, dark and light together, sweet and bitter co-mingling, their perfect blend a blessing. Blending within, I feel the softening deepen and soak up the balance, the wisdom of accepting differences. 

Blessings of change to open my heart to see moments of peace. 

Not waiting, rather embracing living, being here and welcoming the tickle of the breeze on bare toes warming in the sunshine. See the white miniscule flaking of skin on the high arch of a foot that shimmers like silk stockings in the sunlight a surface that sheds and grows moment by moment, always changing. Light blue veins tracing patterns of life allowing movement. Action. Wiggle those same toes and feel the blessing of knowing they can follow a path from chair to porch. They act. They twitch and bend. They aren't waiting, they are doing whatever they can right now, even as I sit.

Dogs watching the gates, one over to that side and one here, fully present, they observe the actions going on around them--see a car drive past, watch the bird in the tree then fly away, listen to the neighborhood dogs bark without their people home. Are they learning who those other dogs are? Listen and respond. Reaction or action. No thought but inner-intelligence acting senses. See and walk, toward or away. Halt, tilt head. Listen again. 

A whole world exists in this single moment--no need to wait for the next one. Even in silence of self, so much going on elsewhere--choose to act or remain still.
Being here now,
we are not waiting.
We are living.


  1. You and Vicki need to cross post each other's links today! I just read her post for today, and now yours follows that so nicely. Our time here is short, we should strive to live in the moment! Loved the description of your "now," the words almost... luxurious... is the word that comes to mind.

  2. Oh yes, on cold mornings such as this I love to feel the "sun warming my back." :)

  3. Brenda, OMG, yes...Vicki and I seemed to have been linked. LOL You know, the older I get, I realize that whether I am 'active' or 'still', the moment can be full of living. Our society seems to revel in only honoring the outward activity, yet some of my most treasured experiences of LIVING have been through moments of stillness, especially in nature but not always.

    Diane, it has been such a delightful surprise to experience the sunshine here in AZ as so strong--so that even if the morning air is cool, sit in the sun and its intensity warms one right up. Wonderful. My bones and joints LOVE it.

  4. I wrote about waiting today too, but waiting as its own form of action...there are connections I think in what we have both shared. Beautiful thoughts you have freed as always Darla.

  5. So often I am waiting, and feel I could be happier asking myself what I can bring to each moment.

    Your whole experience was embodied. I'm working on that:)

  6. Yes, Laura, living through 'waiting' seems to rest upon awareness of each moment and our intention to remain alive (fully resonant) even when we might be paused in physical action. Fascinating to realize that not a single moment needs to be wasted while 'waiting'...

    Mermaid, isn't that true? We are gifted with this moment...what can we bring to it? :)

    Much love to all you lovely ladies!

  7. Good morning, Darla! On my blog today I answered the question you asked about chapter treatment.


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