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Monday, May 21, 2012

Rainbows of Children Who Dance in the Night

from the Shapeshifter Tarot deck
She rides Unicorn as only She can
across the fields and throughout the land
racing the wind in the expanses of green
and laughing in joy with the creatures between
who know of Her magic 
and treasure Her gifts
and offer their essence 
in voices that lift
us all into Presence.

This world we are riding we do so in love 
raising us higher on mountains above
then sliding down waterfalls, dive in the pools
the depths of which claim us as wise ones or fools.
All that She shares as She rides Unicorn
is gifted to us when we drink from the 
souls of those who are born
to imagine a world much greater than ours
where no one can hunger 'neath blessings of showers
in cramped city streets or on dry desert plains
where none have too much that they cling to in pain.

Here on Her steed, She laughs out in joy
how precious our birth in each moment of knowing 
all are together, the gremlins and guides
and all of the beings that shelter inside 
of our hearts where they cower from haunting past crimes
yet now we are come to the Light of our lives.

Here I am in the dusk of my life
where I am reborn and experience no strife
born near the end is a luscious delight
for cycles are changing the sun into night.
Blessings are falling on dark and in dusk 
for winter is over and in joy we are drunk 
upon wines of the times that the children are changing 
and I feel my own body now rearranging
to open to wisdom of youthful delight 
as they dance in the darkness and take back the night 
as the blessing it is for the gestation of all, 
we know it and feel it, illusions will fall.
For we are the ones who welcome the times 
of the world in Her birthing a new paradigm 
that will shine with a light 
of both day and night.

The pendulum swings and the Mother will carry 
Her children in love and the hate we will bury 
beneath all the rubbish of past hurt and stress 
for Madre is wearing a brand new green dress.
She swirls around in Her grand design 
and grants us Her love in the symbols and signs 
that are sweeping the nations across all the lines
that used to cause peoples to be ill-defined 
as "different is scary" or not familiar at all 
but Gaia is changing us back to pre-Fall 
where soon all our spirits will embrace and delight 
in the rainbows of children that dance in the night.
Knowing we are at the dawning of night, 
my heart full to bursting with inner delight. 
Thanks to the children for seeing the Truth
and renewing my death with precious rebirth. 

I have rarely used Tarot in the traditional manner of readings, however, I'm drawn to them as they are beautiful collections of art and soul work that can be powerful portals into contemplative writing and inner journeying.


  1. The card looks delightful in the citrus tree with the blue sky background. I love the poem, especially the part where Madre has her new green dress on. :)

  2. The rhyming is clever and as always, this is so full of acceptance and deep wisdom.

    I'm so glad your little one inside still delights in rainbows and unicorns:)

  3. Thanks, Diane, so happy you enjoyed it/them! LOL

    Kaveri, thank you, and, yes, she does. :-) My nieces come to visit in a few weeks, and I always treasure time spent with them -- maybe especially since I have no human children of my own. Even if the short times we spend together, I treasure them as the beautiful children who live in a fractured world that they will be the ones to heal.

  4. That's a lovely poem, Darla, and I found it delightful to read out loud. Thank you!

  5. Such a lovely interpretation of that card! My personal favorite is The Fool, tootling his flute on the edge of the unknown.

  6. Thank you, Beth and Vicki -- so happy you enjoyed it.

    I read them aloud, too, Beth, usually a few days after I've written them. ;-)

    Vicki, oh yeah...The Fool is a wonderful card!


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