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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Unripened Innocence

Bobbing along the base of the foliage
an unripened orange blends its color with that of
leaves surrounding the crooked branches.
Globes above are immobile
too heavy for light minstrels of zephyr song
to sway into their melody.
But the solitary one
out on the edge
dances in delight to each note
and from its joyous display
a shadow on stage
performs against the wall
imagining itself as
full moon
bouncing ball 
of a child's innocence.


  1. Dancing on the edge... makes me think of The Fool my favorite card in the Tarot deck

  2. Our citrus are taking their time to ripen this year too. Cool how the patch of light on the orange looks like an arrow pointing up.

  3. Thanks for popping in, sisters!

    Diane, you really do have an amazing eye for detail ... I hadn't even noticed the light-arrow!

  4. I love the risk this unripened orange takes, to live on the edge, to be sun, moon, and the ball of a child's innocence.

    1. To know itself yet play in other roles ... what a gift. Thanks for sharing, mermaid.

  5. What an amazing response to that photo!


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