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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Blooming Cholla

The many varieties of Cholla are blooming, as is the Ocotillo, and the Prickly Pear is just starting. Along with myriad other plants, these desert survivors continue to blossom and thrive, which is still amazing to me since we haven't received any rain in weeks. As I walked through the desert, splashes of bright color met me in every direction.

Don't the Ocotillo flowers look like birds?

Red Flowers on Cholla Cactus

Cholla, Ocotillo and a young Saguaro

Yellow Flowers on Cholla Cactus

I don't know what this bush is but it's everywhere!
The Bottlebrush tree in our yard, in full bloom!


  1. It is indeed amazing how those flowers bloom and thrive even without rain. I love your description of the Ocotillo blossoms looking like birds---they DO! I especially like the Bottlebrush tree---it is beautiful.

    And Happy Birthday! My Ariel has a birthday this week, too. So many lovely people born in April!

    1. Thank you, Beth...happy wishes to Ariel as well. :-)

  2. The ocotillo flowers sure do look like birds! I think the mystery bush is creosote, maybe crush some leaves and see if they smell like the desert when it rains. Your bottle brush tree is amazing!

  3. How beautiful! Did you ever see Disney's THE LIVING DESERT? Time lapse photography showing the desert breaking into bloom -- it was over fifty year ago and I still remember how amazing it was.

  4. Darla, I'm eager to find out more about the water you bring to the desert. I have no doubt your next chapters will answer my question.

  5. Diane, so that might be creosote?! Didn't even cross my mind...I'll check, thanks! :-) And, yes, I'm very grateful for the gorgeous bottlebrush in our yard.

    Vicki, I think I did see that ages ago; I love time lapse photography.

    mermaid, do let me know if I muddle about in my memoir and don't answer your question...! :-)

  6. The sky is so very blue out where you live!!

    1. It *really* is, Brenda...what you see is the way it is... :-)


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