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Thursday, July 18, 2013

I'm Sold on Scrivener

Because of a recommendation by The Writer's Circle, I decided to download the free trial of Scrivener. And you can color me happy now because Scrivener is an amazing organizational software program, one that just might provide me with the structure and support I need to get productive again on my novel!

One reason that I've been struggling in trying to organize my messy manuscript is that I have a lovely but tiny study that doesn't really lend itself to a physical whiteboard or corkboard. Wall #1 has a large window, wall #2 has a floor-to-ceiling bookcase plus a doorway to the back of the house, wall #3 has a closet, and wall #4 has glass-panel double-doors that open into the living room. Also, when the small space starts to become cluttered with papers, my mind becomes scattery (a new word? LOL "scattered" seems so sedentary for what's going on inside my skull) and my thoughts fly all over the place! Not helpful.

Unlike my previous novels that seemed to write themselves clearly start to finish, the manuscript for my current novel is-- as I've probably griped about quite a few times already in this blog--filled with scenes and characters connected by threads that have become far too entangled for me to sort in my head. The 3-ring-binder approach just isn't working for me, and I've never been one for index cards.

I've been feeling quite out of my depth!

In steps Mr. Scrivener and I feel like I might be able to again see where I'm going. Phew... (imagine me doing a happy dance in my study)

Anyone else use this program or a similar one?


  1. This is very cool! Thank you for sharing your valuable resources, sooooo many neat things to keep track of! I like how this helps keep track of research as well - for more complicated works.

    My office/healing room is now filled with recouperating critters and orphans, summer is not quite condusive to write for me, but I look forward to cooler weather when my office is back to normal and I can write!

    1. You're welcome. This software will be a tremendous boon for me! Yes, I can see where an office filled with patients wouldn't allow much focus on writing... ;-) The critters are blessed to have you caring for them!! Much love and blessings to you!

  2. Haha...I do believe "scattery" shall become my new favorite word. It certainly describes the usual state of my head.

    I've been absent from the blogosphere for a while, but I'm happy to come back and to hear that you're busy writing, Darla, and that you've found a way to make it easier. If I ever return to my novel, I'll definitely have to look into Scrivener.

    1. Glad you, too, like "scatter"... ;-)

  3. Hi, Darla! I do have Scrivener. I bought it a couple of years ago and have never used it. Your entry has made me want to come back to it again, though....and maybe pursue some ideas I have.

    Thank you!



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