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Friday, April 11, 2014

Coming Up

Tucson is warming up rapidly and, as we head into summer, I just have to say that I am ecstatic to be nearly finished with this semester at UA. Okay, sure, it was only two classes but they've been intense for me. I'd been semi-retired and mostly on my own schedule for about eight years prior to attending college, so trying to organize my life around classes and homework has been challenging. And exhausting. So, yup … ecstatic is the right word!

What's coming up? First, I plan on reconnecting with some of my favorite bloggers, email-pals, and family. I'll be getting back to my WIPs, and I also have a few additional self-created projects I'm looking forward to.

One of the projects is that I'm immersing myself for the next year (or however long it takes) in the complete works of Marion Woodman and Emily Dickinson to see what emerges. Some of the writings from this immersion will be here, but some of the more contemplative pieces will appear on my On The Gaia Path blog.

The other project is a home project. As I continue to struggle with living in the Sonoran Desert, especially during the summer, I've decided to create a haven in one room that will evoke the opposite qualities. As a contrast to the dry, hot, sparse, and muted colors of the Southwest, I'm going to buy a table-top fountain or two and use deep tones of blue, green, and purple. I'm also going to get lots of silk plants (I cannot get real ones until one of my plant-fanatic cats is gone which may be a few more years yet!) for visual effect. Our house is, otherwise, decorated in a style that "fits" the Southwest, but I need one room to hide in that is the opposite. I need it to feel lush, soft, and dark. I'm sure you get the basic idea and I think it will be fun and different.

Down the line, there will probably be some road-trips as well, but not until I've recovered my energy!

So, see you soon as my time frees up to visit your blogs.


  1. You make me think of the water room on Arrakis in the book DUNE -- a desert planet where the great luxury was a greenhouse type room filled with plants and trickling water.

    1. Exactly! LOL The perfect little water fountain has now been added and it's great!


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