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Wednesday, March 8, 2017


I've turned my attention to my three-quarters finished rough draft manuscript of my novel; here are a couple buildings and a yard scape that have inspired specific settings in my imaginary town high in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. I'm changing them in the story, so that they fit my characters and events, but the images give me a visual reminder. Could you live here?
The back garden of a wealthy local matriarch in my fictional town.

House where the veterinarian lives.

Shop with upper apartment where my protagonist lives.


  1. I do this too -- I even make floor plans if my characters are spending a lot of time inside.

    1. I feel encouraged and reassured to know that even you, an established author, does this as well. I have drawn up floor plans of the protagonists home and business, plus a map of the town and streets (since it's imaginary). So much fun! :)


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