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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hummingbird Rescue

Today Ron was home (normally he's at work on a Wednesday!) and saw a hummingbird in the garage. We left both doors open but the little fella just wouldn't leave. Finally, Ron saw him again and the poor little guy was just sitting on a beam, not moving. Ron thought he was probably tired and thirsty/hungry (knowing how much energy they expend so quickly) and we had no idea how long he might have been trapped in the garage so ... Ron simply reached up and gently cupped the hummingbird and it didn't struggle or anything - nothing, just sat there. He took it outside and it just kept sitting in his hand, its little eyes closed. Poor thing. So I got it some sugar water and some 'emergency' flower essences. Ron tried a couple times to put it down but it flew right back onto his hand! So he sat with it for about 15 minutes and continued to offer it the water which it *was* drinking a little at a time. Then, it started opening its eyes wider and standing up straighter and then ... finally flew up into the trees! :-) It was really a remarkable experience for all of us.


  1. Great that you were able to help him. It is always a lovely experience to be able to help a wild animal back to health. I do so hope that he fully recovered.

  2. Thank you for your comment; yes, it really was a lovely experience!


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