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Wednesday, June 27, 2012


My 16-yr-old niece Kenzie and her new  boyfriend;
he's stable and reliable. She met him at
Colossal Cave, AZ.

Love the 'dreadlocks' on the Saguaro at
Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum.

Mount Lemmon, with Tucson to the left and way below.

Mom and Kenzie in Sedona, AZ.

Kenzie at Grand Canyon.

The road to Jerome, AZ.
We survived the 158 curves in 12 miles!

Tuzigoot National Monument, AZ, with the
Verde River valley.

Kenzie at Montezuma Castle, AZ

On our way home, between Phoenix and Tucson, got caught
in the first significant dust storm of the Monsoon season.

My family was visiting for two weeks so we had a full house! Air mattresses are a great invention. The first week, we hosted Mom, my brother David, and nieces McKenzie (16) and McKayla (12). Then, took David and Kayla to the airport as they had commitments back in Missouri, while, during the second week, Mom, Kenzie and I took off for sightseeing up north. We didn't get to Sunset Crater or Wupatki ruins; maybe next time. Dear hubby Ron stayed home and took care of the dogs and cats. :-)


  1. So many interesting places, you must have a lot to write about now. Love all the pictures!

  2. LOL I think for now I'm just plain tired, Diane. :-)

  3. Oh wow...that's quite a road trip, Darla! And the Grand Canyon, too! So glad you got a nice visit with your family. Your pictures are wonderful. Kenzie is a very pretty girl. But her new boyfriend in the top picture seems a little stiff. :-)

    1. I adore road trips! And I enjoy them just as much (sometimes more) all by myself, maybe one of the dogs along to listen to me. ;-)

      LOL Yes, he is but she's very wild and winsome so they're a good match! ;-)

  4. It looks and sounds like you all had fun.

  5. Forgot to thank you for the blessing. Papa is out of the hospital and recovering well. Still, it's so darn difficult to stay in the present moment and not want to flip to the end of the story to make sure it all turned out well.

    1. Oh, I'm so pleased to hear that... and you are SO right... (((BIGHUG)))


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