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Monday, June 4, 2012


There is a point we often must come to
before we can partake of the
Our fruit begins growing again
almost immediately
after the bounty has been harvested
and the blossoms of inspiration
have fallen.
Growing slowly
ever present within the leafy bower
that never vanishes
remaining full
hiding thorns and fruit alike.
Only knowing the sharp and sweet
are there when we get closer
when we explore the fullness
during the between time--presence.
Not the time of harvest when we
show off the fruits of long labor . . . 
fruit bright, glowing gold
blatantly obvious against contrasting green.
The between time--
after the last ripening 
and before it comes again--
the long cycle of between 
so beautiful and bountiful 
in its passage of presence.
Welcoming the entire cycle
grow and acquire
the points of Truth and Wisdom
that can be brutal if
we don't see them
in this moment.

Points in our journey
making themselves known
very clearly and sharply
whether we want them to or not.
The only way we aren't
hurt, scratched, tender flesh ripped
is when we open our hearts
look closely and see
the thorns on the way to the fruit . . . 
on our journey through
leafy hideaways where green fruit gestates.
No point in trying to eat the fruit too soon
before we are ready
for we will only taste the bitterness 
of grasping.
When we simply enjoy the process
welcome the long between
of growing awareness,
the pricks are less often
the way is to soften
as leaves glow with invitation
to sit in the shade
pour waters of loving-kindness
and bless the moment.
Then, before we realize
there is once more golden orange light
everywhere within the tree of life
and the juicy ripeness squirts out
--no thorns touch us--
bathing us in passionate sweetness.

I don't know if all orange trees have thorns, but those in our yard in Tucson do!


  1. Ouch, it is a surprise to discover those hidden thorns! We have them on our lemon and grapefruit trees. :)

    1. No kidding?! I had no idea that citrus trees had thorns! LOL I love learning new things, don't you? :-)


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