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Monday, July 30, 2012

A Simple Sip

Drink from the flowering chalice of gold, 
never to die and never grow old,
for sunshine and light are always here,
only our form may fade ... disappear.
So sip from the cup of awakening Soul,
feeling the warmth in which we are Whole.

     She opens her arms and offers all she is, ever allowing and loving, accepting the journey for what it will be and knowing the warmth of love will soften and gentle the rigid contours of the resistance that fell from the sky when we thought we had to protect ourselves.
     As the five yellow petals cup her warmth, they welcome us into the center where orange overlay is sweet as marmalade and hold us softly. There are no other concerns, only the love that rests at the center, warm with welcome and the wrinkles in the petals like tissue paper that tear easily. 
     Easily uprooted by the winds and carried somewhere unexpected yet the sun emerges after the rain and the roots seek new soil, delicate thread tendrils winding through the rock with soft caress and they settle to bloom again, one at a time; some tiny, some larger, yet so similar are they really different sizes or is it illusion?
     Much green upholds the slender stem that attaches to the blossom tentatively. Lots of tiny leaves line themselves up along the stronger stems in graduating narrow ovals, barely allowing any distance between them, they are a strong community, joined together to nourish and uphold the light of wisdom and the birth of warm embrace to those who seek the sweet nectar of awakening.
     The petal-cup curves with gentle touch, firm at first as if to catch the morning dew but only receives the rare raindrop for dew is unknown here. And yet, she breathes in and out a whisper of faith. Her time is now and she cannot wait for the water that may not arrive, she has to dance now for now is all she has.
     A dainty chalice warm with welcome. Petals of gold rays of sunshine melted and molded into the flower of the sun.
     Petals of gold, a sunshine mold, made from peace, our heart to hold. 
     Leaves of green that overlay while they grow and play in the shadow of the sun, unborn yet One.
     Feel the warmth of changing world within the flower the anther twirls, dancing on the curving stage where none can harm and there is no age. For only now is what we know, when dancing in the bloom that shows us how to be warm with welcome in the lee of wind and rock and burning sun ... warming, holding, all are One.
     A ladder do the leaves begin, overlaid long and thin, graduating as they grow into the branch of all we know, one lesson learned upon the other, family, friends, commune together. Watch the little figures grow, expanding with a gentle flow of green distinctive edges showing, yet reliant upon the one defiant. All together, they are stronger and can support the culmination of their life as One that rises high on slender stem to catch the eye, a vision splendid only dreamed and come to life. 
     A magic in this little flower, living, dying, within a few short hours. To be here, now, to rise and fall, as the fragile tissue paper petals dry and thin and tear becoming ragged and then shriveling into a papery shell of what it once was, to fall into dirt or fly upon the wind carrying it seeds, its message far away and await its turn to warmly welcome once again within the natural flow in faith.


  1. I really love the phrase "flowering chalice of gold." Lovely! In fact, I like your whole poem, Darla. Makes me want to write a poem, too! By the way, what is that flower? It's a pretty little thing.

  2. Thank you so much, Beth. Do! Write a poem! Share please! :-) I don't know yet what the flower is; it is a lovely 'volunteer' in the yard after the last two heavy monsoon rains -- I will have to ask at the Desert Museum the next time I am there.

  3. Gorgeous writing and images! Your volunteer looks like a Kallstroemia grandiflora, some common names Orange Caltrop, Arizona Poppy and Summer Poppy, though it is not in the poppy family.

    1. I knew you would know, Diane! Thank you so much! :-)

  4. The stories a little flower can tell!

  5. "She has to dance for now ..." Love that. Don't we all?

  6. Vicki, ain't it the truth?! LOL

    Rose, yes we do ... well, many of us do, but I know there are many who refuse to dance now hoping that 'someday' will be a time for dancing...


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