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Friday, July 13, 2012

Song of the World through Flowers

Here and now, in this beautiful moment, follow the rhythm of the pen and the ink, the words that flow in their lines and swirls ...

Photo Courtesy of Green Hope Farm
all rights reserved 2012
I am amazed at all the world
feeling so free and light this morning--
odd in that the humidity is heavy 
this monsoon day from rain last night. 

The breeze carries messages of moisture
the 'memory of water'
that holds the vibrations
rhythms of flowers plants birds mammals
their voices and the howls of coyotes
and the cooing of doves 
echoing across the desert in song.

Just imagine the particles of water 
flowing in the air currents
holding the song of a flower's transcendence
into more than what we see
feel the touch of a thousand blooms 
as they drift upon the air
able to follow the rhythms of life
and world far from where they
grew and bloomed.

Their subtle energy patterns 
dancing upon the water molecules 
like fairies upon the fields of forever
in distant memory when we were children
and all was ephemeral and magical.

Sitting outside in the humidity
can we feel the rhythm of drums from long ago
that left their prints within the earth
that provides nourishment to the to
slender flower stalk that
when it blooms
beats with the hearts of millions
past present and future?

All we need to do is open
be present to the wonders of Nature
the amazing orchestra that is Gaia
upon the winds and 
within the rivers and oceans
where high above in the mountains 
a solitary flower nods her head and the
whole world bursts into song
carried upon the wings of a butterfly.

Photo Courtesy of Green Hope Farm
all rights reserved 2012
We are blessed with incredible wonders.
Can we feel the rhythm?
... the ebb and flow, the flutes and drums and 
strings of theory that wise ones knew in the beginning
that have been reborn into the present?

Feel the rhythm of blood 
flowing with the wet air
hear the thunder of awareness 
sharpen our senses
and the bolts of lightning illuminate our souls 
as we feel the charge chase itself 
upon our spines
and going deep, deep into Mother Earth
connecting the songs of all life as One.

We synchronize
and harmonize
and offer up space for solos
that we honor
who then step aside for the next unique display of love
bound in courtship with all life in Community.
This is feeling the rhythm
the pulse of the Universe
of the Divine
that is pounding and rushing at one moment
then gently cascading the next into a
sweet slumbering stillness
where we can hear the voice of the flowers
and the rocks and billions of organisms 
creating a wonderland of labyrinthine passages
beneath our feet and
within our own bodies 
where we all live in harmony
recognizing when we stumble that another will pick up the thread
the tune of another melody just as valuable
just as amazing.

Feel the rhythm of the world 
dancing in and out of existence 
with each breath, each thought---
my thought or yours or the thoughts 
of the quail walking the wall in witness to Life.

Feel the perfect rhythm that is Gaia manifest 
and we know the song in our own hearts ...
we listen and hear Her voice calling and 
we join in the rapture of Life.

Photo Courtesy of Green Hope Farm
all rights reserved 2012
When I partake of flower essences
it is as if I open to feel the cosmic rhythm 
that is carried through them and birthed into the world, 
their pure love and grace of abundance. 
When they offer their subtle energy into the world, 
and into a form that connects us all
---the precious water of Mother's Womb---
then they are singing the rhythm of healing and harmony 
into the Song of the World.
And sometimes, 
in those rare moments when we feel 
completely open and vulnerable and willing, 
we feel their rhythm 
across the illusory bounds of time and space 
and millions of flowers 
sing us into the Rhythm of Life.

I could say that this piece began this morning from a Clarity Works prompt "feel the rhythm" and I simply followed the beat ... but it was far more than that, and began much earlier. The past several days have seen me settling so peacefully into Self and Space that I once more felt the flowers calling me through their Essences. Specifically, it was the Green Hope Farm Flower Essences calling my body-electric and I give thanks to the Flowers, their Angels and Elementals, and the magic that is Molly and those who join her in providing their offerings of healing Essence.


  1. Good morning Darla! It was so wonderful to hear from you - and thanks for the words of support. I knew you'd moved once... I didn't realized you'd moved TWICE. My goodness, moving once is hard enough, I can't imagine doing this twice in a year. Love your photos and writing. I went for a walk in the woods yesterday, and had a similar vibe running through me. Not exactly what you write here, but similar. It was moist... heavy humidity in the air, and the creeks were flowing strong - welcome water this year after so many dry years. It prompted an awareness of all the flowers and creatures that depend on the water to sustain them.

  2. That's a beautiful poem, Darla. Isn't that feeling the most wonderful feeling in the world? I'm so glad to hear that you've experienced such peace and connection to the earth and to the place where you are now. Thank you for sharing that with us.

  3. 'The breeze carries messages of moisture'

    'a solitary flower nods her head and the
    whole world bursts into song
    carried upon the wings of a butterfly.'

    You listen well and carry the cellular, visceral message of Gaia to us in such breathtaking poetry.

  4. Thank you, sacred sisters ...

    Brenda, that's it for sure ... the awareness of how all life depends upon water.

    Beth, thank you, dear one ... yes, indeed WONDERFUL!

    Mermaid, deep thanks to you...

  5. This piece inspires pure joy in our beautiful, natural world! Bravo!

    1. Happy to connect with you through this sharing of spirit, Renate...thank you!


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