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Monday, November 19, 2012

A Writer's Manifesto

A heart can write, did you know that? It can, for the love can come in ecstatic pulses and flow into words without first being dammed up at the mind (where it is then only allowed to trickle out in limited, precise streams). 

I can no longer hold the words in or back and must be true to that which has its own cadence, the throbbing within that wants to reverberate out into the world. Sometimes I can wrap it up all neat and tidy, the way a sentence is ‘supposed’ to appear, or the way a story is ‘supposed’ to be told. However, sometimes I have to simply allow free expression, knowing that the essence of Loving Oneness I feel within me, within the land, air, water, and light, will be manifest in the impressions and expressed as a portrait of flowing words through these eyes and fingers and Soul. For I can no longer restrict the images and sensations just because they might not be ‘right’ or ‘good enough’ or ‘appropriate’ ... I merely seek now to help them be birthed into the world, to go their own way, to be swallowed like alphabet soup and disappear, or to be held gently aloft as the scent of evergreen needles, all by the elementals who shape my fingers around the pen and who carry the whispers into my mind or the rhythm into my heart. 

Yes, a heart can write and that is what I’m letting mine do ... my heart is writing and becoming one with the heartbeat of Gaia, and I pray it will continue doing so until I am no longer form and once more vibrate wholly within Her resonating luminescence. 

May we all feel free to express ourselves from our hearts!


  1. Beautifully expressed. I like honest, open, clear communication, from the heart, the mind, the soul. I like words and writings and images that touch something within.

    1. Exactly, Rose ... your writing is that way, as well ... and those are the blogs (and books) I gravitate towards the most these days. I want to *feel* someone else's truth, not read what they think I might want to hear. I recall Brene Brown's talks on vulnerability ... and speaking from our hearts can certainly feel vulnerable.

  2. I like the way your heart writes, Darla.


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