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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Tangles of Hair and Roots

Olive Grove, Crete

Can you imagine 
falling into the long tendrils and tangles 
of the scruffy old wise woman’s hair? 
She lives on the mountains tracing trails older than the oldest human, 
routes traversed by the ancestors of the pussycat cleaning its paws across the room 
and created by the single file marching of sedate beasts who live in the moment, 
ignoring the one who hunts for its belly now rumbles replete, 
its yawn smells of digestion, and 
its movements echo the gentle fall of huge snowflakes drifting silent in the night. 

Can you imagine 
the tendrils and tangles of this world we’ve constructed 
that we cannot seem to find our way out of, 
for every tendril we push away becomes another one wrapping itself around an ankle, 
tripping us until we fall into the tangles ahead and become invisible. 
It’s one thing to disappear into the tangles of nature 
because death there is quick and merciful. 
But the tangles of the world of blinding light and rapid thoughts 
across a circuit board that is constantly overloaded 
is terrifying for in there death is slow and painful, 
dragging one along behind for decades dripping bloody entrails and 
severed limbs so that we are unable to climb out or 
push ourselves in a different direction. 

Ancient Olive Tree, Crete
Can you imagine 
being the tendrils untangled that seek out new lands, 
new paths, the way less traveled, or a 
tendril snipped and lifted high in the beak of a broad-winged friend 
who carries one off to a place of solitude that is still unique 
yet blessed by the sacred song of silence in one’s own head ... 
silence so that we can hear the voices of insects, birds, trees, 
sliding rocks, and thunder riding the lightening. 

Can you imagine 
being given the tendrils and tangles of the hawk’s nest 
in which to curl up and rest, 
or those of woodsy floor 
where thousands of lives have been before,
have birthed and died within the tangles of roots 
that welcome us home without demands or judgment.

Streaming free-write from the ClarityWorks prompt "tendrils and tangles."


  1. Darla, you are so talented, poetic, intuitive. Most of all I'm grateful to witness the way Gaia moves through you, untangled so that each word marks a perfect spiral into the center of awareness and bliss.

  2. Such utterly enchanting imagery ... the echo of the gentle fall of snowflakes drifting ... blessed by the sacred song of silence ... reading this, I feel myself swaying to the rhythms of words and images.

  3. Such a wonderful response to the prompt -- magical!

  4. Thank you, ladies, for your kind and generous comments of appreciation! I love writing, and to know that someone enjoys what flows from my pen is icing on the cake. Blessings!

  5. Wondrous photos and writing! I can imagine how much you enjoyed visiting the olive trees in Crete. :)

    1. Diane, I have to say, Crete is never far away these days ... :-)

  6. oh dear Darla... this is truly magnificent, full of wisdom and compassion at the roots of the tangled tendrils.


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