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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Giggle, Dance, Wriggle with Joy

Good morning! 
It's one of those days when I'm compelled to put on an eclectic music mix that I call 
"Innocence and Joy." 
Do you have one of those? 
What's your favorite song to snuggle into, 
or dance in your socks sliding across the floor, 
or simply giggle?
Have a beautiful, joyful day!


  1. Cool! I only have one reggae song in my mix -- Three Little Birds by Bob Marley -- but I love his album Legend. Would enjoy any recommendations on other reggae artists/albums!

  2. Neat idea! I am always thinking I ought to do more with iTunes. I had running music on my iPod but have hardly used it since I stopped running. But I know it's possible to do all sorts of things - make themed playlists, listen to books on CD and podcasts... maybe this should be a New Year's resolution, so I'll quit saying "some day." Thanks for sharing your playlist, love it! :)

    1. Absolutely! :-) I load my iPod with podcasts and audio lectures (usually from SoundsTrue) and listen to those as well as music in the car. IMHO, iPod was the best thing invented for Road Trips. :o


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