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Sunday, May 22, 2011


"There's an affinity between my body and the sensible presences that surround me, an old solidarity that pays scant heed to our overeducated distinction between animate and inanimate matter."

"If we allow that matter is not inert, but is rather animate (or self-organizing) from the get-go, then the hierarchy collapses, and we are left with a diversely differentiated field of animate beings, each of which has its gifts relative to the others. And we find ourselves not above, but in the very midst of this living field, our own sentience part and parcel of the sensuous landscape."

~ David Abram, Becoming Animal - An Earthly Cosmology

Easing into the day, slow steady start.
Joyful routines and gentle motions of body and mind, fluid and smooth.
She comes in with her weeping cherry bridal veil, dreadlocks sweeping the fine sediment at Her feet, in a union of elements and spirit within the peace of home and heart.
I feel an over-riding love and joy that permeates this glorious morning as the sun shines and the birds call and all is well.
The tones of the chimes sing to the fingers of the zephyr.
And the branches wave and stretch, the sap running, softening, spreading throughout their limbs bringing flexibility and new growth.
Alive and tingling, buds emerging everywhere!
They are popping up in curiosity to explore the world this new season, same as millenia before yet also uniquely unfolding within the constraints and alignments of people and planets within Gaia; we are all cut from the same cloth draped across Her shoulders and flowing down Her body to become and pass and know.
All is freedom, all is choice.
In Her I know the magnificence of living an existence unbound yet structured.
Duality means nothing except a concept in which to plant ideas like all the pots in the market of every shape, size and color holding a million varieties of plants.
Yet I don't grow in a pot anymore; She has brought awareness and this realization allows my arms to overflow the brim and my roots to break through the bottom and the pottery cracks, then falls away, the colorful shards create a pattern upon the sand and become a beautiful play, a memory, a role of such delight but one unable to contain my spirit, a living knowing Spirit seeking to understand and Be One with Her.
I grow with the rain of Her love, and the support of Her soil, and the passion of Her shining spirit, and we breathe together, admiring the shards of my former pot, creating a unique mosaic that is lovely yet limited, and depicts one aspect of one life of one being who is not One at all but interconnected with all.
And then, I feel something further. What's this?
Emerging from this field, from within the green transformative essence of living tissue, a tiny flower, just a bud, delicate, precious, fragile begins to open and I smile with this bloom of my heart and soul of Gaia manifesting.
I open, spreading, and a scent floats upon the breeze as I send compassion out to be with anyone who will pause and inhale and, for a moment, we see through the same senses and become One Spirit and all is Peace, Joy, Bliss, Love.
I am that flower, that tree, that rock, that cloud drifting in oceans above and below so perfectly blue that all cares disappear and we are Infinite.


  1. I love this, Darla. We are so connected to everything around us though it seems everything contrives to make us forget.

  2. I, too cannot grow in a pot anymore. Your poetry helps to ground me and reach for everything else simultaneously, just like a tree!

  3. I loved David Abram's book "The Spell of the Sensuous."

  4. We are all entwined, aren't we, Talon? Yes indeed!

    Wonderful, Mermaid, let's be trees ... as we stand tall, strong, grounded, yet reaching out, up, and away!

    Colleen, I haven't read that one of his yet but plan to!

  5. Beautiful thoughts, as always!


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