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Tuesday, May 3, 2011


A lovely morning out in the yard with Otter and Gump, our feisty, opinionated indoor/outdoor cats. These two are quite the characters and, although they love attention from people - and even enjoy interacting with the dogs - both of them as they matured became increasingly aggressive with the other house-cats. We racked our brains and finally came up with a solution we are all happy with--the indoor/outdoor cattery/kennel! Now that winter is passed, Otter and Gump, sister and brother, are thrilled to be able to once more roam the yard and hunt; Otter catches bugs and butterflies, while Gump goes for the bigger game of mice, voles and birds. I don't enjoy the hunting, and often find myself warning away various creatures, but when I'm not quick enough, I try to just look the other way and let the cats do what they do naturally!

This morning, much earlier . . .

Feel Her surging through me, 
Gaia strong and clear,
knowing Her power and love as She is near,
honest feelings ebb and flow
as I breathe calmly, deep and slow,
let float a smile into the air
where all can feel it roaming there 
and here and everywhere!

Let loose the worms and frogs and birds
that toil and carry all their words
from sea to shining sea and me I
share what words I carry through the night
and scatter them in dreams upon the world
maybe they will root and then unfurl 
into the moonlight-sunlight-shadow
full and strong with all I know
yet leave the openings all around 
for all I've yet to learn abounds!

Singing to the trees I feel a freedom
heady in its joy, for they embrace what comes
and they accept on Her behalf 
whether they are full or cut in half
or downtrodden to the mud
yet in Her embrace they rise above,
living breathing glowing changing
all of life . . . always rearranging.

My ears pick up part of a conversation, or I catch a glimpse of a headline, and I want to say...

Skip the hype descending from all angles and the fear and anger, let it go, too! No place for you, Dear Fear, to live here, for I embrace you, love you and set you free to become so much more than the little darkness that seeks to hide and control. Instead I take you in, let you visit, and love you, heal you, then set you free. We don't need to sit in the dark at the same table day after day, Dear Fear, drinking bitter memories and nibbling on terrible fears of future. Put in the sugar, drizzle the honey of life's bliss, sweeten the cup and allow Her love to overflow into our mouths and bodies and hearts and Spirit! Feel Her soaring within! Her sweetness made all of the uglies beautiful by transforming -- transmutation! Just as the plants transmute one element into another and create more than they started with, so can we!

So many beautiful energies always near to touch and feel and become One with. No need to dwell upon the forces that come in like opportunistic parasites and try to take hold. Give them a moment, for all have validity, and then pull them off, let them go, set them free to continue a journey of transformation having provided their piece of the Infinite puzzle of Life. 

Like a labyrinth we travel always to Her when we maintain our focus--the path is clear, winding but clear, obstacles but not insurmountable. Only becoming a maze when we allow mind and fear to control our journey, lashing out or reacting without reflection; a maze with its dead ends and crushingly narrow turns and confusion that builds, growing so tall we can see nothing except our fear and fear of death. Trim the hedges, clear the walls, break through and travel the clear labyrinth once more to Gaia and love and healing and the beauty of all potential awakenings...

Just yesterday, I looked around, opening to Her, wanting to make sense of what I could see ...

Soil and leaves and organisms within, 
where does death end and life begin?
We rake the leaves and clear the lawn
of all the detritus from the past -- now gone.
yet letting nothing remain behind
is to close our hearts and loose the mind
to control all that we see and feel, 
and disallow Her Grace to bind and heal.
Clear the palette thinking 'how pristine'
yet all we do is hide the pain, unseen.
Shoved aside and carried away, 
where are the piles of leaves in which to play?
Gone the natural humus of the soil.
Gone the rewards of how all Beings toil
and share themselves when they are through
so the rest of Life can begin anew.
Instead we substitute a falsity, delusion,
in thinking we know better, yet all is illusion.
"Look how clean" we say with pride, 
but what about all those who died
and whose gift of life transformed?
We have removed them, life balanced no more.

Yet I didn't dwell but let it all go, enjoying each bud, each green leaf, each playful scamper.
Gaia is always willing to shine Her light for me to follow...


  1. so much beauty here Darla!

    I love this section particularly: "No place for you, Dear Fear, to live here, for I embrace you, love you and set you free to become so much more than the little darkness that seeks to hide and control. Instead I take you in, let you visit, and love you, heal you, then set you free."

    thank you dear one!

  2. Thank you, dearest Laura. I almost didn't post at all because I felt as if I was overflowing! :)

  3. Love the pics of Otter and Gump enjoying springtime. Lucy has been out more lately too - I am SO VERY thankful her urge to hunt has decreased with each passing year. She is still very playful, but leaves our beautiful bird visitors alone for the most part.

  4. How lovely that Lucy has moved beyond being the huntress!!


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