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Monday, July 18, 2011

Dawn Walking

The only time I walk the dogs is 5am.
We are then safe from scorching sun and painfully hot pavement.
Our reward is dawn...cool, quiet, and breathtakingly beautiful.
Well, I like the beauty...the boys are more interested in the occasional Jack rabbit or scantily clad ground squirrel that darts across our path.
I have no way to post photos right now, though, so I invite you to trust me on this!

And this is the opposite of our walks in Maine where we would have been eaten alive by muzzies and blackflies if we dared to try a walk at dawn... (wink)


  1. I also moved to AZ during the month of July. It was 17 years ago from Southern California. I'm glad you're getting out early to enjoy the cool mornings.

  2. An interesting time to move, isn't it? LOL


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