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Sunday, July 31, 2011


While taking a peek at some of the reference materials recommended in one of the books I'm reading on writing, I came across the name Phyllis A. Whitney. "Wait! Why is that name so familiar?" I racked my brain until I finally just gave up and googled. Sure enough, a valid memory had risen from the depths of the realm of Junior High School, where the library had been like a second home to me, and Ms. Whitney's books had always provided such wonderful escape and entertainment for this gawky yet always-a-romantic girl. I was delighted to become reacquainted with this prolific author, and I look forward to reading her Guide to Fiction Writing ... and I may even re-read some of those juvenile titles that even now tickle my fancy with their lure of youthful romance and mystery.


  1. I never read Phyllis Whitney's books, but as a former library assistant, I can attest to the popularity of her books. They were some of the most frequently checked-out books we had. I hadn't realized that she'd written a book on writing. I'll have to look it up at my local library!

  2. Oh my goodness, I haven't heard that name in years!! I used to love her books when I was in high school! This post brought all kinds of nostalgia. And that's her in the photo? I wish I could sit down with her for a cup of tea!

  3. Brenda, yes, that's her picture. She died a few years ago, but, I agree...doesn't she look like a wonderful woman to have tea with?!

    Beth, were you never curious since they were so popular?! LOL


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