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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dust Storms

Breathing in, the fine red dust, the musty smell, tickles my senses with it's light reminder...ashes to ashes and dust to dust...within each minute molecule resides an entire world, a whole history of Being that is from my own past lives and from all who have walked or swum or flown or rooted and then passed away, returning to Gaia on land or sea yet all do return, our form dissolves into elements that accumulate once more. All the billions of lives we tread upon in gratitude and who seep into our soles/souls, each one precious, carrying a message that we absorb, take unto our Selves, with or without our knowledge, yet still they come whispering...the wisdom of owl, the coo of dove, and the soft underbelly of snake who sheds her skin repeatedly, dying many times before she dies. Feel their energy within the dust? Taste their gifts upon tongue and throat--permeating the thin nasal cavities that curve and bend like minuscule labyrinths. From top to bottom, nose to feet, we are connected with all life past and present. Breathe...


  1. Such an eloquent and poetic meditation, Darla! I love that you were able to see such beauty in a dust storm.

  2. Ancient in wisdom, but I am not surprised as Gaia writes through you.

  3. I hope you are settling in happily with the dust in your new home Darla...for you I can only imagine it is magical and mystical!

  4. Thank you for stepping into the dust with me, dear women of strength, beauty and wisdom.

  5. It's good to see that you are still able to experience the earth's beauty, even in this unfamiliar guise.


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