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Monday, March 18, 2013

Minoan Messages

now available in print or epub
Ever lost sight of your identity and/or your purpose? Me, too!

Darla has been a spiritual eclectic for over fifteen years. She is rooted in her faith and happy in her lifestyle. But when her husband experiences a mid-life crisis and they suddenly move from Maine to Arizona, her grounding is disrupted on more than just the physical level. Darla realizes that somewhere along the way her sense of self and purpose got left behind. Were identity and soul misplaced or totally lost? She is clinging to the possibility that a pilgrimage to Crete can show her the way home to herself. As Darla explores the remarkable sites of the ancient Minoans, she opens to the whispers of priestesses long gone, and absorbs the vibrations of a matrifocal culture wherein its people knew the harmonic oneness of life. Upon returning home, Darla continues to explore the balancing of dark and light, to weigh the merits of cave dwelling and creative expression. Through experiences, reflections, and visions on a journey that was far more than Darla had imagined, she recovers her unique identity, embraces her true nature, and steps forward to manifest her soul-purpose.

My book expresses perspectives on eclectic earth-based spirituality as well as how earth divinity supports the universal relatedness of women’s journeys and our subsequent healing through those experiences. My paths as spiritual seeker and practitioner of earth-energy healing modalities have merged; this union enhances my ability to not only explore inner and outer landscapes, but to share my perceptions of them in a variety of unique ways that includes metaphor and tales of the ancient past.


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  1. Why haven't you emailed us about this????

    This is incredible. Once my board exams are over, I am sure I will enjoy reading this!

    1. Sending out a mass email right now! LOL Thank you so much. :-)

  2. Darla, I'm so happy that your journey to Crete helped you find your way back to yourself. I know that writing about it was an important part of that journey. And how wonderful to know that your book will undoubtedly help others who may be seeking to re-discover themselves. Congratulations on its publication!

    1. Yes, absolutely ... the scripting of my story and inner processes was integral to finding my way 'home.' Thank you, m'dear Beth!

  3. How interesting that a trip to Crete helped resolve the dislocation you were experiencing.

    1. LOL Exactly ... it was/is astonishing.


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