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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Starting to Show

Abundance of flowers just starting to show, to burst out.
Vital, yellow, green ... stamens extending far beyond the petals
and waggling in the wind
shaking with the barest hint of air upon them
profuse and prominent.

Not only does this agave produce
phallic symbol extraordinaire,
the thousands of blossoms shoot forth boldly
like a rush of sperm all striving to survive.

The agave says in its awareness of the
union of sacred masculine and divine feminine energies ...
"Before I die, I am going to sow everything I've got,
producing seeds galore.
For years I've lived a steady life, growing, expanding, building, patient, nurturing.
Now, as I near death, now is the time to give back in profusion.
I feel the need to produce as many seeds of wisdom as possible, 
to spread myself around, to move and be transported elsewhere, everywhere,
my seeds going wherever there is the potential for growth."


  1. What a spectacular, strange looking plant! Being one who is happiest in the garden, I am always intrigued to see your photos of plants, trees, shrubs I have never seen before. When I looked at this series of photos, I had such a strong and immediate impression of war and peace, violence and love. The agave looked to me like a spear, dangerous and sharp. Yet bursting forth from the spear, the most incredible beauty! To me, your photos speak to peace and love always overcoming violence and hate. Interesting how that struck me so powerfully! Maybe because I saw Argo last night...

  2. I absolutely love your sense of this plant! Thank you so much for sharing your impressions with me, Brenda.

  3. Points of view so dynamic! Thank you for sharing!

  4. I think the masculine is often misunderstood as violent and destructive. This post praises the paradise in positive productivity and balance with the feminine.

  5. Renate and mermaid, thank you for stopping by. Would that we lead by example in celebration of the union of energies through loving kindness, yes? Blessings!


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