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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Of Oranges and Agave

The oranges continue to drop 
-- thud! plop! -- 
upon the ground, 
some from over-ripening 
and others assisted in the descent 
by a hungry woodpecker poking holes. 
There's one with a hole!

The woodpeckers also fly
from one agave stalk to the other,
pecking away
(alas, I didn't get any photos of the birds).

Merely two weeks ago, 
the agave were barely awake and stretching.

But, the multicolored poles of agave 
are shooting up fast in their race to touch the sun. 

The leader is currently well over six feet tall 
and none of them are giving any hints 
as to how high they intend to reach. 

Spiky spindles 
expand and contract; 
I can almost hear them 
breathing and growing 
at impressive speed. 

Because I don't know what kind of agave live in our yard,
everything they do is a beautiful surprise!


  1. Oh my, Darla, I must admit I'm a little jealous at your having fresh juicy oranges ripe for the picking right there in your yard! My mouth is watering imagining how wonderful an orange right off the tree must taste. Funny, the birds at my house like to taste our pears---I often find a single hole in each one. Fortunately, we have plenty to spare...and share. :-)

    I really enjoy seeing how the seasons reveal themselves there in Arizona...and how different it is from here in the NC mountains.

    1. LOL But you have pears! And isn't it nice to have plenty to share? I love knowing that the birds -- and bugs -- get fresh oranges, too.

      I'm glad you enjoy seeing the differences, Beth ... I'm constantly amazed at the diversity.

  2. What beautiful plants those agaves are! I love your pictures!

    1. Thanks! Can hardly wait for the agaves to bloom...

  3. Wonderful! Our citrus fruits have fallen off the trees, but the agaves around here are not even close to blooming yet.

    1. Our lemons didn't survive the freezing temps, and many of the branches died, but the orange tree did very well. YAY! I know there are lots of different kinds of agave ... I'm pretty sure these are agave and not yucca... Isn't it amazing how a few feet in elevation can make such a difference?


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