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Friday, August 20, 2010

Feels Like Home

Brings tears to my eyes as my heart overflows with joy...

When the movie "Michael" with John Travolta was released in 1996, I could hardly wait until a copy was available on video and bought it immediately. One of my all-time faves ... and so is this song ... so when Ron and I met, I knew that this song had been showing me how our love would feel. At that time, I was still fragile spiritually, although seeking and growing, and a little cynical as regarded love and romance. Ron's love, generosity and depth has brought me through another shift toward opening, acceptance, joy and contemplative passages. The mystics could have written this song in love of the Infinite. We are all One... It feels like home when I am with Ron, or standing on a mountain, or gazing into the windows of the soul, or being still. All One. Home.

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