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Thursday, August 19, 2010


Candle lit, softly glowing.
Honoring the essence of healing and love.
Welcoming. Home.
From White Tara chant I felt myself expanding,
growing taller and taller,
like a lotus growing out of the mud,
stretching up high into the ether,
pulsing with energy,
feeling One with All,
losing my little self and knowing only my Self,
floating, tingling.
My voice no longer mine but
a tone, a wave,
purity carried upon the air,
A blessed moment that was endless.
Not peace but beyond peace
to where there is no need for peace because everything simply is.

(((may all Beings be free from suffering)))

(amen...and a little woman*)

This morning was the first time in a long time that I sat Sadhana fully. What is 'fully' for me? Truly making spacesetting aside at least half an hour, separate from my regular Yoga practice, conscious removal of self and Self from the busy-ness that has been so prominent these past few weeks due to travel. For a more elucidating telling of the transformative hours prior to this Sadhana practice, go to Transformation Transition.

* This is what Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes says in her audio series of "The Dangerous Old Woman" and it has really stuck with me


  1. Darla,

    This is such a beautiful, centering post. I bow to you for it. Gasho! I come here after your stunning comment at my blog about living "in the meantine." It was spot-on and powerful! I even took notes from you! A few others I will like to share with others on the upcoming Tele-Class. So thank you for that.

    Oh, and menopause. I could write volumes. I keep thinking I will be "done" too and it doesn't happen! Oy. (I am 57!) I am cultivating patience and looking for the Divine Feminine wisdom to be found in all of it.

    What a holy synchronicity too. I am just about to sit down with DR. E's class (installment 5) of the Dangerous Old Woman. It is remarkable, isn't it? I have been dragging it out, savoring it. I interviewed her recently and have created some magazine articles on her and her work and what it stirs in me. So stay tuned, I will post them at my blog in Sept. :-) I adore the process she invites me to. I sense you do too. (And I do love her sign-off - Amen, and a little woman) Though sometimes I would like to say instead, "A lot of woman." Ha!

    Love and blessings to you this day. I am glad we have connected. I'll be back! You inspire and delight. :-)

  2. Thank you, Jan, for sharing your thoughts. I'm also pleased we have connected - very cool. Blessings!


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